Fall Hits and Misses

Hello to my Jujube’s!

Fall is officially in session; the leaves have turned orange and red, the weather has slowly gotten cooler, and its time to take out the warm sweaters and fuzzy boots!



~Make Up For Ever HD Foundation: These days’s, I’ve been mixing it with my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion to use as a tinted moisturizer. I only used to use it for dance recitals because I needed an HD Finish, and now I can used to everyday and not let it go to waste!  As a tinted mositurizer, it goes on smoothly and evenly, has a nice velvety finish to the skin, and blends in superbly.  When I have it on, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything, and doesn’t clog my pores.  In addition, it was $40…need to get my money’s worth.

~Too Cool for School Angel Blusher: This blush just give a beautiful glow to the skin. It looks super natural and it’s one of those blushes I’m ok with wearing to school.  The baby pink gives you this young, fresh looking cheeks which is amazing.  Also, I love the finish and how smoothly it applies.  For an in depth review, check out my previous post here.

~NYX Jumbo Pencil in Iced Mocha: I’ve been wearing it all over the lid recently and it looks gorgeous. In general, NYX Jumbo Pencil apply smoothly and blend with no effort at all.  They are great for bases, or just wearing alone.  Iced Mocha is a beautiful color for everyday.  It’s super natural and has this beautiful shine and finish on the lid.  And guess what! it’s inexpensive as well!

~theBalm and the Beautiful Palette: I love this palette so so much! The texture the all the shadows are buttery smooth and it has great colors to choose from.  I use this palette everyday when I have time to actually apply eyeshadow in the morning.  This palette makes it super easy to create a quick and easy everyday look.  I have neutrals, sultry colors, bright and fun colors, and dark, smokey colors as well!  With this palette, I feel like I have the power to create endless looks.  Let me know if you want a review or a tutorial with this palette featured.

~Milani Liquif’eye Metallic Eyeliner in Brown: This eyeliner… oh mah gawd.  It goes on so smoothly its unbelievable.  I can create thin and thick lines.  I can smudge it out all over the lid for a little more of a dramatic look.  I am empowered with this eyeliner.  It’s so creamy, and it lasts forever.  Gosh, I can’t get over this eyeliner.  If you buy one of the things I’ve mentioned, but this!  And just as the cherry on top, it’s available at the oh so convenient drugstore at a price that won’t make your wallet cry!

~MAC Lustreglass in Love Nectar: This is just the perfect sparkly pinky-nude lipgloss.  It goes on smoothly and has a brush applicator for precise application.  I love how you can’t feel the glitter and sparkles in the gloss (let me tell you something… i absolutely hate when i can feel glitter on my lips).  Also, it last a good 3 hours on me if I don’t lick it off (it smells and tastes ah-mazing).  In addition, it’s not too expensive, at the lower end of the price range for high end products.

~Essie Nail Polish in Spagetti Straps: I love this color; it’s just the perfect cream baby pink.  It has a nice formula that is easy to work with, but i warn you it goes on sheer.  It takes a good 3-4 coats for it to become opaque, but i swear that the outcome is gorgeous.  I usually wear it with Sinful Colors Gold Glitter Polish (sticker fell off) on the thumb and pinky for some extra swag.  It’s a great all year color, and I defiantly recommend it!

Blog of the Season!:

This is a blogspot blog, but I seriously love this girl. Here’s the blog:


She posted something at the beginning of October about her friend’s wedding and what she used on them!


Seriously, this post took my breath away.  Thinking about the time she spent on it is phenomenal!  Taking all those pics, laying out all the products, swatching them all; she is truly an inspirational blogger.  You should all check her out!  Also, her reviews are perfections!

Some of my other favorite posts from her are:







Her posts…just check her out please! And as another plus, she is a beauty vlogger on youtube as well!


~Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: This “Fit Me” line claims to “blend into the skin flawless” and “look natural”.  No.  Just no.  Do not lie to me Maybelline.  This concealer cakes and does not blend.  It doesn’t just half blend, no no siree.  This refuses to blend, it just sits on my skin and pushes around.  I do not know how to deal with this concealer.  Everytime it comes in my sight, I want to just throw a fit of rage about how bad it is.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but do not by this concealer.  It is a horrible waste of your hard earned cash, dinero, doe, dollars, bills, whatever you want to call it.

~Benefit Perfect 10 Box:  This box powder is…eh.  It’s very sparkly, so when it’s supposed to “contour” your face, it leaves a glitter bomb behind.  The highlighter side is not a shimmery as the bronzer which amazes me that benefit did not have the sense to make that vice versa?  Though it doesn’t work that way, no fear, I found a way to use it.  I swirl both colors together and use it as a everyday highlight in the summer for a bronzy glow. For fall however, it’s not very natural to be sporting a summer glow when summer is gone gone gone away!

Not many misses; sign I’m getting better at being a better shopper! 😀



-Homework has been piling on like my dad piles butter on toast.  I know, my simile skills are so chill.

-Evon and I have been planning a swap!  I’m so excited (:


Hope you all have a lovely day:

<3, Juju




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8 responses to “Fall Hits and Misses

  1. SWAP! ❤ I love Fleur! 😀

  2. Alicia Rivera

    Great hits and misses! I deffinitely will try out awll the hits 🙂 Nawt so much for the misses 😉

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  3. What’s a swap?
    And isn’t a jujube a fruit?
    I have the Benefit Perfect 10 Box. Awnestly, it’s a hit fawr me because it works ah-mazingly awn my flawlessly clear skin, and it actually looks nice in the winter.
    New post.


    • A swap is where you buy things for another person with a price limit, and you send each other the packages
      Yes it is, but my nickname is Juju, so I call the people that read my posts Jujubes.
      Well, everyone has an opinion. Thats just mine.

      Love, Juju

  4. Cindy ♚

    Hey girlie,
    Long time no talkin!
    Cute post. 🙂 Love all the hits.
    BTW new post!! 😀 http://www.poppiesandpirouettes.wordpress.com
    Love you.

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