THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: yup, it’s that punky chick.

Hello. It’s Janine. Thanks for having lunch dinner whatever meal it is right now with me. I’m the new addition to Ju’s blog, and, yes. It’s that punky chick.

Here’s a little about me. I:

  1. can’t be bothered with grammar, so if you see any mistakes, don’t go all OCD on me please.
  2. am going to dye my hair blue and purple in the summer. NOT ALL OF IT. Just a chunk in the back.
  3. am obsessed with punk pop/emo music. (Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Panic at the Disco, All Time Low, etc.)
  4. hate hate HATE country music. Sorry, people who love it.
  5. love the Vampire Diaries and Hart of Dixie (totally wasn’t expecting that, by the way).
  6. am, strangely and unlike everyone else on here, not COMPLETELY obsessed with makeup and fashion. The key word being “completely”.
so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: Nails Galore! (Review+NOTW)
DESSERT: Disneyland, Gloves, and Other Wacky, Woolly, and Nerdy Stuff. (HAUL)
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



Yup,  I’m typing from this side. I feel like it needs a little love. Everyone goes from the left, you see.
So,  as you can probably tell from above, my musical tastes are quite different from the average mainstream joe shmoe.
Which, obviously, isn’t a bad thing. Until you start talking about songs you like and all you get are blank stares, or those “Yeah……….*nod, nod*” moments. So now I get to bore the INTERNET with my taste in  music. Hope y’all don’t fall asleep. If you want, I can always ask the waiter to let you skip directly to the entree if you like.
He says its fine. You don’t have to have your appetizer if you don’ t want to.
But if you wouldn’t mind, have a bowl of this delicious emo-punk-ish-musical-mess bowl of soup.
AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to this side. Oh, you want to hear the ingredients? Okay. Ingredient 1:

Song of the Week Day Week

Honestly, it changes all the time, but currently it’s Sleepless Nights by Faber Drive, and it’s desperately emo. It’s about abuse, and it’s really sad, but a good song nevertheless! Here’s a pic of the band.
(Picture from:
I seriously love their album Seven Second Surgery‘s cover though. It’s hilarious. It doesn’t get much better than a psycho doctor with a drill.
(Picture from:
Ingredient 2:

My Favorite Band (of the Moment)

BOYS LIKE GIRLS!!!!!! WAHOO! I love all their songs, and they make me so happy! (Though their band name is not always true…haha.) Some favorites are “On Top of the World” and “Thunder”. (:
Here’s a pic of them. Martin Johnson (in front, with the awesome hair and eyes and the weird pose) is drop dead gorg!
(Picture from:
Ingredient 3:

Bands I’ll Always Listen To. No Matter What. This Week’s Edition: PARAMORE!

PARAMORE! Love them! Some favorites are “Careful”, “Playing God”, “Brick By Boring Brick”, and “Hallelujah”.
(Picture from:
Woah, we finished our appetizers pretty quickly. Let’s go onto our ENTREES!


Nails Galore! 

Ohh, a review on nail polish! Good choice for an entree. I got NOTW. Dig in!

Review- Nicole by OPI Wild Blue Yonder MATTE

Well. Where to begin? Obviously the color’s AMAZING. But that’s about where it ends.
Also, I forgot to take a pic of it when it just painted my nails with it, so here’s a pic of it on someone else’s fingers.
(Picture from: -> Guess someone’s trying to sell it lol.
I don’t expect much from a nail polish. I expect it to be the ultimate accessory, for it to go on nicely, and to stay on with only tip wear for at least 4 days. But take a look at my fingers after 3 days!!!

DO YOU SEE THOSE GIANT GAPS AND CHIPS!!!!! Grrrr…Nicole (by OPI), whoever you are, I’m coming for you! 😛

Another giant chip. I swear, Nicole, this is going to end badly.
(Ignore the writing on my hand. It says “Smile like you mean it!” inspired by the song by The Killers.)
Even more chips. This is getting ridiculous.
Okay, that’s it for the pics. Also, about the formula…how can you say this nicely? IT SUCKED. It dried quickly, which is nice, but this dried so fast that it started clumping up and turning goopy WHILE I was still painting my nails! THIS NAIL POLISH IS BAD! DON’T BUY IT!
Sorry about that little rant there. Now, for NOTW.

NOTW- Gold, and Blue, and Crackled All Over

This week, I did something unexpected. I gave Nicole by OPI another chance, even after that horrendous affair last week. I used “Too Rich For You” from the Gossip Girl collection, and crackled over my ring finger (index finger on right hand) with Gold Shatter by OPI, which I just got yesterday. (:
In the dark, on the car. Look at that shine! One word: GORGEOUS.
Under bright artificial light (not sunlight)
Close up on ring finger (Ignore the excess polish on my skin, I was hurrying.)
On my desk, with my new Dr. Dre Beats in the background! (More on it later, in the haul.)
I’ll review these polishes next week in a review, but look at that shine! I didn’t even use a top coat for the pics.
Dessert time…everyone’s fave. And you saved the best for last, I see. A haul!


HAUL TIME! Wacky, Woolly, Nerdy Stuff

So I went to Disneyland on Veteran’s Day with my school’s music department. Ju’s part of it too, but she didn’t go. 😦 And, of course, I brought money with me. And, of course, I had to go out and buy something. So I got some Jack Skellington fingerless gloves! I forgot to take a pic for this post, so here’s one from the Disney Store website!
(Picture from:
This weekend, my mom got me DR. DRE BEATS! I’m so excited! I’ve wanted them for so long! She also got me an iPhone 4s case, because i just got one. It’s clear with a diamond pattern. And yes. Clear is my favorite color. NO JUDGING, okay?
Dr. Dre Beats case
case again
headphones in unzipped case, extra rubber earbud thingies in the pocket
earbud closeup (sorry, I know it’s blurry)
included attachable ear hooks

attachable/removable extra rubber earbud thingies (you know what I mean)
iPhone case! I love it. It looks great with my white iPhone.
Side view, closeup button covers.
I also got a new nail polish: Gold Shatter by OPI, as I mentioned. Picture of it in its bottle:
(Picture from:
That’s it for dessert!
But there’s always a doggie bag!

doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

“I’m not superstitious. It’s bad luck to be superstitious.”
Saw this on, and I started cracking up!
That’s all for today, folks! Thanks for reading!
ex oh ex oh, less than three




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18 responses to “THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: yup, it’s that punky chick.

  1. Kaddie

    Hey Janine,
    So I like LOVE your style of music! Lol, we’re kind of music twins. (: Paramore❤❤ I’m seriously obsessed with that band. Haha, you can ask anyone here on WordPress. Have you heard ‘Monster’ or ‘Born For This’ by Paramore? Oh, and you’ve heard of Rise Against and Meg & Dia, right?
    Awh, I can’t see some of the pictures ): But those gloves are cute(:

    • janine

      Haha, I love ❤ "Monster" and "Born For This"! I've never heard of Meg&Dia, but I'll definitely look it/them up. I like Rise Against, though I haven't heard that many songs by them. And Ju told me that she can't see some of the pics either, so she's gonna fix that. I think it's because my comp is so old… lol Microsoft 2003 prevails! If you check tomorrow, I think it'll work.
      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

    • Hey Kaddie,
      I fixed the post so you can see the pics! Hope it worked LOL

  2. Hey Janine (:
    Welcome to the blawg girly!
    Your style of music is similar to mine.
    I tried the same nail polish and it chipped too ):
    All the things you got that you mentioned in the haul look really cool.
    Hahah, I love the blurb of the day (:


    • janine

      Hey M~
      Thanks! Good to know that I’m not the only one who likes music like that. NbyOPI definitely needs to work on their nail polish then. lol (: I love the Blurb as well. If you find anything funny, be sure to tell me!
      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  3. gossip girl

    cute blog

  4. Cinderina

    Hey Janine,
    WeLcOmE tO wOrDpReSs!
    Ahhh.. I love the spazzy letters 🙂
    Paramore is amazing! I have the silver blasted (crackle) shatter by OPI and I’m loving it!
    Great post 🙂

    • janine

      Hey Cindy,

      DoN’T wE aLL?
      Lol. If you like the Silver Blasted, you should definitely try the gold. I’ve borrowed Ju’s before, and I think I like the gold even better (Shhh…don’t tell her I said that.)
      Loving your blog! ❤

  5. typefashion

    I love the way you write ! had fun reading !


  6. New post Gurlie 🙂

  7. Cute post Janine! You sound a lot like me in some ways.
    A lot in what i was like in Middle school, not as much anymore, but still a lot, lol
    Just a question?: Do you like anime/Manga?
    Anyways love the nail looks and your music choices
    New Post
    Check out my new blog?:
    Classically Claire

    • janine

      Heya Claire~

      Uh…not really into manga/anime. Some of my best friends are, but me? Not so much. Haha.
      I’ll definitely check out your blog!

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  8. Great post! I think I’m in love with you and Juju haha. I want an iPhone!!

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