THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: fried chicken, fridays, and fried-days.


You. Yup, you there. Yeah, you. Screw you. WHOA. Not you! The guy behind you who’s making fun of me for eating a tub of fried chicken by myself.

So this week was just blah. It started of with a craving of fried chicken…

And ended with a lighter wallet.

Black Friday never ends well.

*****Also, I know I missed last week. I’m sorry!!! But Evon stole my posting day and I got pissed and boycotted WordPress until she apologized. So here’s last week’s post. I’ll do a short post sometime in the middle of this week! (: Love you all, my pretty-in-punks! ♥


so let’s see what’s in store for today.

APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
MORE APPETIZERS: I don’t know any other courses… Sorry. But it’s a nail polish review!
ENTREE: HOTM (Hair of the Month)+OOTD+TV Talk…Lots of Stuff
DESSERT: I should be writing a haul. I’m not. But don’t worry, it’s still about shopping.
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day




Song Songs of the Week Day Week

I told myself to pick ONLY 1 song every week. I swore that I would do it.

I didn’t.

Currently, one is “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” by Paramore. Love the title, love the song, love the lyrics, love the band. Especially the title. Doesn’t get much better than that does it?

Paramore-For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Lyrics

(Picture from:

Also loving “Tiffany Blews” by Fall Out Boy! The Pete Wentz’s writing is amazing, especially “Oh, baby, you’re a classic, you’re like a little black dress!” I can’t decide who I like better, Pete (bassist/lyricist) or Patrick (singer/music-writer)! Here’s the lyrics video, you can check it out if you wanna!

Yeah…don’t know if there’s anything else to say about that…


My Favorite Band (of the Moment)

The Killer! I’m a big fan of them, especially “Human”, “Smile Like You Mean It”, “Mr. Brightside”, and “Somebody Told Me”. It also helps that Brandon Flowers is nice to look at! 😉

Here’s some Killers goodness!

Bands I’ll Always Listen To. No Matter What. This Week’s Edition: ALL TIME LOW!

Okay, this goes without saying. If you know me, it’s really obvious that I’m totally in love with Alex Gaskarth (the singer), so the only possible conclusion is that I also love All Time Low. Honestly, it’s impossible not to be obsessed with them! LOOK AT ALEX GASKARTH!

(Pictures were just off Google Images…)

Here’s a pic of the whole band, how cute are they?! ♥

(Picture also Googled. xD)

Yeah, I’m done babbling about them now. 🙂 That’s all for my weekly music shnids! (Yes, I made that word up.)


more appetizers

Nail Polish Review!

Remember my nails from my last post (and that matte polish DISASTER)? Surprisingly, this nail polish (Too Rich For You) lasted 2 weeks with only tip wear! It went on really sheer (I did 3 coats), but it was smooth and no bubbling! It also dried FANTASTICALLY SHINY. ♥ Here are some pics, definitely go out and buy this if you like the color!

Look how similar these pictures look to my last post’s pictures! It’s awesome!



Some Saturday Stuff.

Hair of the Month!

I got a haircut on the Saturday after Black Friday, and got my stylist to curl it (not permanently)! It looked AMAZING! Sadly, it only lasted 2 days… Here’s a pic:

I’m not so keen on showing my face all over the Internet…so it’ll only be snippets! Sorry.

The day after, I wore my hair in a ponytail! It was definitely cute. Ignore my PJ shirt in the picture.

Outfit of the Day (Black Friday Outfit)

So this is my Black Friday outfit! (Obviously I have to look awesome when going out! LAWL.) This was taken the day before I got my haircut, so you can compare and see the difference! My hair was curled both days(: Also, I’m SOOO sorry that you totally can’t see my bottoms, but I was wearing Abercrombie jeggings+belt and these Roxy shoes that I’ve had for ages but I love so much! They’re army green with laces, buckles, AND zippers! I KNOW! BRILLIANT!

I’m a Where’s Waldo Princess! 😛

TV Talk

As of now, I’m totally in love with White Collar on USA. It’s amazing, and the main character reminds me of Damon, from the Vampire Diaries, who everyone knows I’m infatuated with.

The main character has a thing for fedoras, which also happen to be my favorite type of hat!



Black Friday Shopping+Life

Black Friday Shopping

So this week, I went shopping twice- on Black Friday, and the Wednesday before that. I went to Abercrombie and, if I say so myself, HAULED LIKE NO OTHER! I was too lazy to take pictures, but trust me, it’s good stuff! In my Black Friday outfit, you can see one of the sweaters I got!

Life. Just in general.

Yup. So life is dull around here, besides the occasional HAUL OF FAME or party. And this week was no exception. This was the week of 11/21-11/27, mind you.

MONDAY: School, flute class, and a tub of fried chicken from KFC. And a lot of weird stares at the skinny girl eating a thousand calories by herself just for the sake of it.

TUESDAY: School, and then math club. Kill me now, I beg you. +÷×− for 2 hours = MENTAL DEATH.

WEDNESDAY: School for half a day (THANK GOD!) and then onto…extracurricular math class. Yes. I am aware that that was greatly anticlimactic, but that’s what happened. Another hour of math…AND FINALLY! SALVATION! Pre-Black-Friday sales and 2 chunks of Godiva chocolate later, I have a giant bag of shirtless Abercrombie men and clothes to take home as my trophy. I also started watching White Collar today. Mainly because the main character looks a lot like Damon from The Vampire Diaries, who I’m totally in LOOOOVE with.

THURSDAY: Thanksgiving! That counts for something! Outfit: Wore jeggings for the first time in my life! IN LOVE! ❤ Fine, laugh. That’s okay too. Sadly, there’s no Vampire Diaries for the next 6 weeks though!

FRIDAY: Chilling at home! More White Collar and a tin of peppermint bark- LOVE!


SUNDAY: Church and more White Collar!

Also, update! As of 12/2, I have eaten my 2nd tub of fried chicken in 2 weeks…This does not bode well for my figure! LAWLZ (:


doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

Moo, I'm A Goat

(Picture from:

Love this pic! I even used this as my Facebook profile picture for a while. 😀


That’s all for today, folks! Thanks for reading!

Love to all my dahhh-ling Janinjas,

ex oh ex oh, less than three,




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10 responses to “THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: fried chicken, fridays, and fried-days.

  1. Hey Janine! I loveee the Killers. If you haven’t already, listen to Somebody Told Me, it’s a great song. I like your nail polish, it does look so shiny 🙂 I love your curled hair! My hair can never hold a curl 😦 Haha I would totally eat a bucket of fried chicken all by myself too 🙂


    • janine

      Hey M!

      I have listened to “Somebody Told Me”, and yeah, it’s amazing! Love the song and the band! Haha(: Sorry about your hair and yay for KFC! WAHOO! 😛

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  2. Sorry? I didn’t know I “stole” your day, I was really confused with the posting schedule, I didn’t even know you were mad til Juju told me! LOL you could’ve came to talk to me yourself you know! Haha do you and Juju go to the same school? JW. I used to be obsessed with ATL! My sister met Alex and Jack at a concert :D. Nice post!

  3. Emily

    I can’t remember if I’ve introduced myself to you or not, haha, but if not- hi, I’m Emily!
    Anyway, your haircut looks really pretty and the shoes you mentioned sound ah-mazing:)
    Haha, I could probably eat maybe half a bucket of KFC by myself. I’m really skinny but I like food!

  4. Janine,
    Lovely post! I definitely love your haircut – it’s cute! Did you get a perm? Or did you curl it yourself? Random fact, I got a haircut also. LOL.
    Dude, I freaking love the way you post. You post just like how I talk to my friends but I try refraining (screw you!) or (duuuuude) when I post. LOL. (:
    The nail colour isn’t very…my type but yeah… haha just my opinion. (: Have you tried any polishes from Deborah Lippmann’s Let’s Get It Started collection. Wait, or it’s Get It Started. IDK, but it seems really cool. If you tried, maybe do a swatch? Only if you have. (:
    Check out my blog, pretty please? New post!


    • janine

      Heya Cindy!

      Thanks! I had my stylist curl it- not permanently! I definitely love my hair stick straight as well (though its naturally wavy-ish. Gah, it’s just frustrating! LOLZ xD) Haha, yeah that’s how I talk to my friends too, and yes, it’s informal, but that’s how I’m going to talk on WP. I try to keep it real, ya know? (Though I’m quite sure I haven’t saide “duuuuude”.) I don’t want to be the girl who’s another person online. I haven’t tried any of the polishes you mentioned- dark colors are definitely my style all-year-round and glitters just don’t do it for me LOL(: Love your blog! ❤

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

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