There, that got your attention, huh?

Well, I need all my subscribers to advise me on some stuff.

So I have some polls.  Sorry for lack of posting from your P&P girls, just the holidays have eaten us up.  We will post soon, however, and for the new year we have a new posting schedule [again]

Every Saturday a post will be posted.  Makes it simple

Also I put up two new pages; “The Journey of P&P” and “The Key”.  Please check them out.  Do you like them?

Sorry for the short post, I’m not one for these, but this was urgent.



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7 responses to “URGENT!

  1. Lauren I.

    I answered the polls.
    I may have an interesting time trying to figure out the password, but oh well!
    “Journey” was a great page as well.
    Love you guys!


  2. I answered the polls too. Very cute pages as well. Have a great New Year! 🙂
    Miss A ^^.

  3. Hey Juju! I love the pages and everything else about your blog! My only suggestion would be to make sure that you girls don’t post too close together because then it’s hard to comment consistently.


  4. I answered one pol cause I need to check those pages out! I will do that write now! And nice posting shcedule..Did I spell that wrong xDD.


    ~Kisses, Wishes and Tacos~

  5. Emily

    The posting schedule sounds good to me.
    I always find blog-history-type pages like The Journey interesting, but it wouldn’t let me see the Key page:O

    • janine

      Yeah, it’s password protected. We’re leaving hints in our posts. 🙂
      If you decipher it…you’ll know our darkest secrets. LOLZ JK x]

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

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