Technical Difficulties.

hola wordpress.

It’s Juju here.  Janine was supposed to post this week, but seeing that we had constant power outages last night, she couldn’t post yesterday.  I also found out that she got a virus and all her stuff was deleted off of her computer.  I have no idea if she’s posting today, but if she doesn’t I’m sorry for the inconsistency, I’m sure you all understand though, right?

If it’s possible, Janine will post sometime in the middle of the week, and I’ll post on Saturday, just like normal.  You don’t have to comment, but like this post so I know that you read it 😀

With Love,




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3 responses to “Technical Difficulties.

  1. Alicia Rivera

    That’s okay! I’m looking forward to the next post 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  2. Hey Ju,
    That’s fine!
    I opened LIC though.. take a look around and comment?
    Thankk youu!
    Love you!


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