This is a page dedicated to the contest we are hosting. All the details will be here.

In order to enter, comment on this page! The first 10 people will be entered.

The winner will receive:

  • the password to “The Key”
  • a box of goodies/prizes of the winner’s choice (for example: nail polish, lip gloss, eyeliner, etc., whatever you want. ALL NEW AND UNOPENED, OF COURSE! We will ship to you free of charge.)


10 people will enter. We will challenge you to do something every week. Every week, 2 people will be eliminated (except for the last week, of course). The challenge will always be written on this page, so come check it out! The contestants will be listed here.


  • Cecilia of Classy in Couture
  • Lauren of LifeinCouture
  • Arielle of Diamonds and Silk
  • Evon of CutiesinCouture
  • Randy of PeaceLoveCheesecake
  • Alexa of LexiHeart’sIt!
  • Avery of InkTrack
  • Cindy of infinityofmemories
  • Rain of Clairebear4evr, SASSOfficial and FashionEmergency911
  • Jill of CutiesinCouture


Make a playlist with 5 songs that you think we would like in it. (You can review our posts to research our musical tastes. You can target it at Ju, me, or both of us. If you are targeting one of us, make sure to mention who, and only they will judge you.) Email it to Juju ( Every song is worth 10 points, and the title is also worth 10 points. Make sure to have a clever/funny/catchy/etc. title, it will matter! You will receive a score, and the 2 people with the lowest scores will be eliminated.

NOTE: If you use any of the “Songs of the Week” from my last post, you are disqualified.


Cindy and Alexa were eliminated. Cindy failed to send in a playlist, and Alexa lost by 1 point! 😦 Sorry, but you guys are out. All remaining contenders now have a 1 in 8 chance of winning! (Pretty good odds.)

Now for scores: Cindy got a 0/60 for no playlist. Alexa got a 24/60. Evon got 25/60, same as Rain. Cecelia got a 35/60. Jill and Arielle both got 40/60. Avery got 48/60.  Randy got 50/50. Lauren got 58/60.

The reason why some scores were so low were because some of you forgot titles…sorry! 😦 Most of the songs were amazing, though!


Find 5 Youtube videos/Youtubers that you think we would enjoy. Each video/Youtuber will be worth 10 points, for a total of 50 points! Once again, the 2 people with the lowest scores will be eliminated. No title is necessary.

NOTE: The videos/Youtubers CANNOT be from the “Motion Picture Entertainment” page or any of the videos from my last post.


Jill and Ari are out, this week. Ari didn’t send a list of videos, and Jill sent hers in about a month late. Sorry guys! The remaining contestants have a 1 in 6 chance of winning(: Good luck!

The scores: Avery came in first with a score of 42/50, followed by Lauren and Cece (tied) with 40/50. Then came Randy, with a 35/50, Evon with a 25/50, and finally, Rain with a 20/50. Jill and Ari both got 0/50.


Make a blog makeover for Prettied and Polished! Make a header and find/make a matching background. A requirement: The header must include 1 or more of the following: “Prettied and Polished”, “Prettied & Polished”, “Prettied + Polished”, “P&P”, “P+P”, “P and P”, things of that nature.

We will be grading your entries to the following rubric. There are 25 points for the header and 25 points for the background. If the header does not say our blog name, you will automatically get 10 points deducted. 5 points will be taken off if there’s no color scheme used throughout the makeover (some good examples of good color schemes: a black-grey-white theme like InkTrack, or Massie‘s lavender-green-cream theme, bad color scheme: rainbow.), as well as if the makeover is too busy, tacky or cluttered. If the color PINK is used at any point, you will get 10 points taken off automatically. If the header and the background don’t go together, that will also be 5 points off.

The winner will get an advertisement on the post following the due date, and their makeover will be used on P&P. Good luck to everyone, and have fun(:


Cece won this week’s challenge with a beautiful makeover that we are (as of 3/12/12) currently using! Gorgeous! Click here for her blog. As the winner, she got a perfect score of 50/50.

The people who got eliminated, however, are Rain and Evon. Rain failed to send in a makeover, and Evon doused us with pink, even after we SPECIFICALLY asked for the opposite.

The scores, then are as follows. Rain got a 0/50 for no makeover, Evon got 10/50 for sooooo, sooo much pink, Avery got a 40/50 (we loved your makeover, but it’s black-white-and-grey theme- which is the same as on your blog- suits yours, but is a bit too inky for P&P), Lauren and Randy tied with 45/50 (Gorgeous, girls! If we could have 3 makeovers at once, we totally would!), and finally, Cece, with her stunning score of perfection: 50/50! Good job, girlie!

If you’re still in the running- well. You’ve got a 1 in 4 chance of winning! 25% chance, guys! Good luck and keep on dazzling us with your work!


Here we are, closing in on the end! It’s almost the finale, girls! This is the last week 2 people will be eliminated.

Let’s move on with the challenge…it’s a tutorial! It can be on anything- nails, makeup, hair, DIY. You can even give us how-to guides on how to polish our shoes or sew curtains, if you want! It’s really up to you. It’s time to show us your originality (wink, wink)! Your challenge will be judged to the following rubric: 10 points for originality, 10 points for easy understanding, 10 points for a picture (please make it relate to your tutorial- it’s even better if you took it yourself!), 10 points for well-written-ness (totally just made that word up, but, basically, try to use correct grammar, it’s so distracting if you don’t), and 10 points for whether or not Ju and I can recreate it!

Yes, Ju and I will be recreating your look/project/thing from your tutorial, and we’ll follow your EXACT directions (unless you have makeup/nail polish colors…we’ll just try and make do with the colors we have), so this should help narrow down your possibilities. If you want to teach us how to do something, make sure it’s actually do-able for us unskilled people, and the stuff Ju and I have(: (Try to use common products, basically. Don’t make us have to go to Home Depot for a special wrench or the like.) WARNING: DO NOT DO FASHION! For example, don’t do a Polyvore set- that’s not teaching us anything! And we won’t be able to recreate it!

If you plagiarize, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DISQUALIFIED. So don’t do it! Ju and I will be running checks- it’s not so hard with only four people left!

Good luck to you all! This tutorial is due 3/17/12! You have 6 days to stun us!

ex oh ex oh,
less than three,



66 responses to “Contest!

  1. Cecilia

    I’ll give it a go!


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  3. Lauren I.

    I will 🙂

  4. I sent Janine and you the playlist…


  5. ;&->Arielle

    Can I???

  6. Me too! 😀 Wait but how are you doing the contest? Cuz Juju remember when we were gonna swap gifts but we never did cuz your mom said no? And now you’re gonna ship gifts to a stranger possibly? IDK. Anyways enter meehhh :).

  7. Oh yeah what’s the deadline for the first challenge?

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  9. Yes, I am following you. I already sent you a FABULOUS playlist, so deffs check that out!

  10. Hi, my name’s Avery.
    I’m new to WordPress.
    Can I enter?
    I am following you.


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  12. Cindy

    I’ll join, sorry for the late reply. :/
    When’s the first challenge due?


  13. Is there still time for me to join?

  14. Hey J and J,
    You can add my blog (Life In Couture) next to my name now that it’s opened!
    Love you guys!


    • janine

      Of course, girlie!
      You’re back for good now, right? [The correct answer is yes. LOL]
      Love you too! (:

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  15. Just a question but do the youtubers have to be beauty gurus or any one??
    Also janie i have a post on my fashion blog that i think. u may like. check it out!

    • janine

      Heya, Rain! LOL they can be anyone, but preferably funny(: That’s the way to get a higher score- make us laugh!
      Hohhlyy…yes, I do enjoy your post! 🙂
      PS: It’s Janine not Janie. A lot of people get that wrong xD

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

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  17. I just noticed that you put my makeover as an example…
    Thank you! 🙂
    i have your makeover ready! I’m emailing it to Janine when she tells me what her email is. xP

    • No problem(:
      I’m updating this page again today, so watch out for the next challenge!
      This goes for everyone who’s still in the contest.

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  18. Evon

    WTF?! how the hell did i “douse you in pink”?! I USED COOL TONED COLORS ARE YOU BLIND LOL

  19. Lauren I. for WPNN

    Hey, it’s Lauren!
    I’m commenting using my news blog account…
    By fashion, do you mean that if I made a nail tutorial for a certain thing that it would be disqualified? Or just fashion, since nails are beauty?
    Basically, is that okay?
    Also, how you said “well-written-ness”… First- awesome wording 😉 .
    Second- Can I do a video with a subtitle relisting the steps and you can judge my video?
    Please reply ASAP!
    Thank you!
    Love you both!
    Juju, pretty pretty please reply to my text..


    • Lauren~
      Hey (:!
      No, by fashion, we mean clothing. Nail tutorials are fine (:
      Lol Janine is very articulate. And I think its more fair if you just write it out.
      I never got a text…haha.
      julianna ∞

      • Lauren I. for WPNN

        Thanks for replying so soon! I plan to finish tonight and send it in tomorrow.
        I sent you a text this morning, but my phone died like… now. So I’ll ask here, what’s to become of CCS?
        And sure, I’ll write it 🙂 I can have multiple pictures to explain what I mean, though, right?
        Thanks for answering my annoying questions 🙂


      • Lauren~
        No problem!
        I really don’t know, my mindset is just not in the right place for RPing right now, I just thought a break would help but I really don’t know.
        Yeah, definitely!

        julianna ∞

      • Lauren I. for WPNN

        Oh, okay.
        I’d appreciate if you’d post little tidbits and such every now and then. So much has happened in the storyline and it’s been nearly 2 months, so I got slightly.. anxious?
        I understand, though.

        I’ll post the tutorial on a “For the P&P Contest” page later today and comment later.

  20. Hey Juju can you give me an extra day? For the competition?

  21. Evon

    Dear Janine: please change that description of me…idk what you’re trying to do but i used a very limited amount of pink. I didn’t “douse” you or use “soooo sooo” much. thanks!

  22. Can I have an extra day? My email isn’t working and I’m about to murder it. I can guarantee that you’ll have it by the end of the day, or else I
    l’ll find some way to blog about it or something.


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  24. Ah, I shall be waiting for Challenge 5 :3

    • janine

      Hey Randy!
      I’m gonna try to put it up today(: As soon as I get to talk with Ju about exactly what it’s going to be…but…I have a feeling you’re gonna need your writing skills(;

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  25. I have a few questions for the finale?

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