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Let’s prove the Mayans wrong

Hey Jujubes

So, Happy New Year WP!  Hope you’re New Year’s Eve was great.  Did you watch the Dick Clark’s Countdown to New Year?  I watch that pretty much every year and I wait until midnight, so the other countdown’s don’t intrigue me LOL.

Without further ado, LEGGO!

BTW, sorry about the short-ish post this week.  I have finals and have been studying like crazy, so i didn’t have much time for anything else but sitting with my textbooks.  I promise a jumbo post next time! 

~✮~The One that Got Away~✮~

Verse: iamobsessedwithnailpolish.com: NOTD/ Review!

Refrain: Contest Info/ The Key!

Chorus:  The Best of 2012

Bridge: QOTD

(BTW guys, I know this song so well & for so long that I typed out the lyrics…and me and Janine found this song BEFORE it got popular 😀 well janine did, and she told me before it became popular…now I’m confusing you all XP)


Summer after highschool, when we first met

We’d make out in your mustang, to Radio Head

And on my 18th birthday

We got matching tattoos

 iamobsessedwithnailpolish.com: NOTD[s]/Review!:

This week’s edition: Color Club Holiday Splendor

This week, I decided to try out a new polish I recently bought at Bed Bath and Beyond from Color  Club.  One word: gorgeous.

In real life, its a really intense teal green jelly jam packed with holographic sparkles.  When it hits the light, BOOM!  Disco ball of rainbow.

Here's and out of focus shot to catch the holographic beauty of this polish.

 Let’s just take a moment to be in awe of the gorgeous sparkle of this polish in the photo above.  Is that not the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?

On the formula, it has a nice consistency- not too thick, not too thin- and is opaque in two coats.  However, it tends to eat top coat, so if you don’t put two coats of clear polish on top, it will look flat and chip like a mother.  Despite its chip-tasticness, I really don’t mind; the color itself is the selling point of the polish for me, and wearing time is not a problem.  It would be nice if it lasted longer though, LOL.


Used to steal your parent’s liqour

And climb to the roof

Talk about our future, like we had a clue

Never knew that one day, I’d be losing you

Contest Info/ The Key!:

So, if you guys didn’t see, we have a couple of new pages.

First there is “The Journey of P&P” .  That one’s pretty self explanatory.

Then we added “The Key”.  This one’s a little tricky.  If you can’t tell, when you click on the page, it’s password protected.  That’s because it’s special.  There, we post things such as exclusive pictures, some gossip, what we are actually thinking as people behind the computer screen.  This way, when we trust you enough and you are a very loyal subscriber, you will know us a little more personally.

Now for the “Contest” Page.  We are going to be holding a contest, with a $20 beauty/fashion related gift and the password to the key!  There will be 10 contestants with 2 people being eliminated at every challenge until we get the winner.  For more information on it, got to the page here.


But in another life, I would be your girl

Yeah we’d be full of promises

Be us against the world.

Yeah in another life, I would make you stay

So I wouldn’t have to say you were

The one that got away.

The Best of 2011:

So these are all the products I’ve loved through the year 2011.  Hope you guys enjoy!

2 Skincare Products:

Benefit B-right Total Moisture Cream

Lóreal Go 360 Clean Cleanser for sensitive skin

2 Haircare Products:

KQC Thermal Shine Heat Protectant

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

1 Hair Tool:

Remington Pearl-Ceramic Curling Wand

2 Face Makeup Products:

-theBalm Timebalm Concealer

-Physicians Formula Happy Booster Translucent Powder

3 Eye Makeup Products:

-Milani Liqui’eye Eyeliner in Brown

-Clinique High Impact Mascara

-theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

2 Lip Products:

-Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

-Makeup Forever Labshine Lipgloss

4 Nail Products:

-Color Club Holiday Splendor

-Essie Turquoise and Caicos

-OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle

-Orly Rage

1  Accessory:

-Roxy Combat Boots

2 Songs:

-Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low

-The Ballad of Mona Lisa by Panic at the Disco

2 Youtubers:



4 Favorite People:






All this money can’t buy me a time machine

I would trade you for a million rings

I should have told you what meant to me

But now I pay the price


Be who you are and say what you feel because those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind

-Dr. Suess

Hope you guys liked the post today!  Sorry for its shortness, just I’m super busy with Chinese Finals, essays, etc.  I hope you understand.

Have a wonderful day!

With Love,






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