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THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: the way we were.


It’s me again. Who else?
Lots to do today.
Finally, yes. I am doing part 2 of the UD Experiment! You should all be so proud of me. 😛

so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: Nail shtuffs, again. And Part 2 of The UD Experiment.
DESSERT: Life+Contest.
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



Well…I’ve decided that, again, for this post, I’m just going to do songs of the week. I’ll ramble on and on if I have to talk about bands as well, so let’s just do this.

Just a sort of warning: this week, I was pretty into screamo, so if you don’t like that kind of music, I’d choose the second, third, or fourth song. The first is definitely screamo.

The first song is…”Knives and Pens” by Black Veil Brides. I love this song, and the video, and Andy Sixx, and Andy Sixx’s hair, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s hair, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s band, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s TV show, and Andy Sixx’s microphone-swinging skills (!!!!), and Andy Sixx’s ability to wear makeup better than most girls. So…yurrhh. And my friend thinks that the teenage boy in the video is “cah-yoot!”

The next song is also by BVB ♥ (yurh, I’m a little obsessed with them right now) and it’s soooo cute. I don’t usually like love songs and all that goopy, mushy stuff, but this song is so good. It’s called “Rebel Love Song”. ♥ *Sigh*, if only boys actually wrote songs like this for their girlfriends besides Andy and Juliet.

And…another BVB song. I love this one, it’s so acoustic and pretty(: It’s so heartfelt and beautiful! 😀

 Next up is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! 🙂 I really like their song “False Pretense” right now, it’s really good(: Yep, merhheh(: He’s also a really good screamer, too, as well as a good singer, and that’s always nice. Just like Andy from BVB(:

That’s all for today’s music(:



Nails. Again. Whoop-dee-doop. And Part 2 of The UD Experiment.

Hey…well. I sort of lied in my last post. I know I said I would swatch the color(s) you guys voted for in the poll…but I didn’t. And there was a tie between 2 colors. One of which was pink, the other which was baby blue- neither of which are down my alley. Even in spring, I wear dark colors. Or sheer skin-color-but-better type colors. Sooo…there will be 2 NOTW’s this post, as well as Part 2 of The UD Experiment(:

Mini-Haul+NOTW+Review- Dare to Wear: Smokin’ Diva

My friend, R*, also known as the amazing chica who got me the Deborah Lippman set from my last post, as well as the Essie polishes from 2 posts back, went ahead and got this supposed dupe of Graphite from Chanel without looking for swatches. She tried it on and didn’t like it with her skin tone, but I tried it on and…I LOVED IT! Even though I’m not completely sure of the dupe-ability. Click here to see Temptalia’s swatch of Chanel Graphite. Click here to see All Laquered Up’s swatch of Graphite- her picture looks a lot more similar to Dare To Wear Smokin’ Diva.

First, the color. It’s a pewter, gold-mixed-with-silver type look with silver glass-looking flecks and hints of green, red, and yellow shimmer in it. It’s (I think) a foil (which is…my favorite thing EVER) and I loooove it(:

Let’s talk formula. It went on SUUUUUPER smoothly, no bubbles, no problems, no anything(: It dried really quickly, too, so I was able to have R* add a second coat for me (we were painting each other’s nails) pretty soon after the first, which is a great time-saver! I’m definitely going to be wearing this color again. I think it suits me(: It also dried really, really shiny, which was great! I didn’t add any top coats or base coats- nothing, and it was great, still. The only thing is, my right thumb nail and my left ring and pinky finger nails are extremely ridgy, and, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, made the polish look like the new magnetic polishes. You’ll see in the pictures.

Now for wear. It wore REALLY well. The following pictures are all from a week after application, and they’re basically perfect- only a tiny bit of tip wear. It started chipping in the second week, though I think it’s my fault…I smooshed my finger with a drawer, and I also have a tendency to pic at my nails.

Picture time!

My ring finger and pinky nails look magnetic-polish-y!

other hand(: my right hand never gets photographed.

In the above pictures, Smokin’ Diva looks really gold, but I assure you, it’s actually quite silver on many occasions.

Okay, fine, dark platinum. But it's still silver-ish.

In conclusion…I LOVE IT! 🙂 If you can find it, I’d recommend it. 😀

NOTW Numero Dos+Review: Essie My Way

Well…let’s just say I do not like pink. This is quite a well known fact by now, but I just wanted to reiterate. So when my friend R* got me Essie’s My Way a while back, I was not looking forward to swatching it. (Click here for the post with the pics of the bottle.)

I did it this week, though, because she said it was a one-coat, dry-fast, sheer polish, and I really didn’t have time to do more than one coat since I had school the day after.

When I put it on, it wasn’t the baby pink it was in the bottle (THANK GOD!) Instead, it went on as a your-nail-color-but-better shade, and the formula was wonderful. It went on smooth, wasn’t too thick or too thin, made no bubbles, and dried in literally NO time. Basically, I loved it! I know in the pictures it looks like clear polish, but lemme tell you…my nails were SUPER stained from constantly putting on polish without breaks, and this polish made my nails look shiny and the color nails should look. So I’m quite happy with it. 🙂

This first pic is from the day I painted it(: As you can see, it’s suuuuper shiny and awesome.

Day 1(: And it's from my Instagram(:

The next few pictures are from over a week later. (They were painted on Sunday, 3/11, and these pics are from Tuesday, 3/20.) They are, as of now, less shiny (though still shiny, no doubt), and grown out a lot. The best thing was, though…NO CHIPS AND BARELY ANY TIP WEAR. My nails look almost perfect still! I swear, even boys will be like “WHOA!” My friend K* and I were hanging out on Saturday (3/17) and he was all “Your nails are, like, really shiny.” I was cracking up(: Ah, boys. Don’t they know what nail polish is? Girls don’t naturally have colorful nails, brah.

Other hand(: Right hand photo op, LOL. 😀 My fingers look hella weird, don't mind them.

Ignore what it says on my hand, it doesn't affect anything...
But it says "Scream me a love song" if you're wondering.


 The UD Experiment: Part 2. Be excited.

This time, I decided to test out the wear of “Zero” which is Urban Decay’s, according to Sephora, “black”. That’s it, just black- nothing special. It’s not glittery or super-dooper black. Just, you know. Regular, old, one-word black. So here we go!

I took a picture right after I put it on! Here it is(:

I took that pic right after I put it on. As you can see, it’s pretty opaque, and definitely black. It’s not as black as some eyeliners I’ve seen, but it’s pretty up there. It went on creamy and smoothly (none of that awful back-and-forth drag that’s slightly painful) and it set pretty quickly which was wonderful. It didn’t set so quickly that I couldn’t smudge it if I wanted to, but it did set(:

Woahh, my hand looks red.

This next picture (above) was taken 3 hours after the first picture. It has clearly faded a LOT, but it’s still there. It sank into the wrinkles of my hand, but a lot of it had rubbed off already.

It's a different sweater from the first pic, I swear.

This is the last pic I took. It is 19 hours after application. It’s still there, though even more faded, and it settled into my hand’s wrinkles even more. It’s hanging in there!

So here’s the overview: it’s black, but not the most pigmented black I’ve ever seen (UD’s Perversion is a lot blacker), it’s smooth and creamy(:, it wears for good while (not the longest wear ever, but it’s good), and it did stay on my hand for the advertised 24 hours. 🙂 It’s a good eyeliner, but I’m still on the search for the perfect black.




Oh, hi. Yeah, I’m just gonna talk about my life because I’m egotistical like that. Enjoy! And please tell me about your guys’s life as well(: It’ll be a pow-wow of fun.

Life as I know it.

I’m just going to blurt out a bunch of random things that are going on in my life right now. They might be completely unrelated, so just bear with me.

  • Don’t you just love it when a new kid comes to school and all the girls lose the ability to think straight because “HE’S SOOOO CUTE!!!”?
  • Woooo, math competitions and music tests! Hurray. Not really.
  • I don’t do math homework, and therefore just get a bunch of zeroes. Wahoo.
  • Supposed to be doing homework now, but that’s not happening.
  • New kid making fun of my music taste when he likes Eminem. Who everyone agrees (at least at my school) is the worst rapper ever.
  • Watching videos on YouTube. 🙂 Laughing out loud so hard that you choke. Family thinks you’re insane. (What is my life about?)
  • Listening to Bullet for My Valentine because the band’s name reminds you of My Chemical Romance.
  • Writing stuff on your hands with pen and washing it off before your parents can see. Your friend tells you you’re going to die from ink poisoning.
  • Drawing a heart with eyeliner on your hand for a blog post. ♥
  • Getting ready for the Scholar Quiz tournament at my school(: Ju’s not on my team. 😦 But that’s okay! Good luck to us both, hopefully.
  • Wishing unicorns were real.
  • Instagram-ing a bunch on one day and forgetting for the rest of the week. Sorry, followers. xP
  • Getting my report card and freaking out because I got an A+ in a class I thought I got a B in. 😀

And, last but not least, the most important thing…like, ever.

I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT ON 3/23/12! So I’ve been feeling really crappy this weekend, and that’s the reason for this late post.
I’ve also been forbidden from painting my nails for a week (basically until next Friday) because of the fumes and nausea issues, but I’ll get back to swatching as soon as I can. 🙂 Thanks for all the support, Cece and Ju(: ♥

Also, the reason for the name of this post. Don’t you ever wish things were the way they were? Like when we were kids, and no matter what you were, you were cute? You could say anything and you’d still be “adorable”. *Sigh*.

That’s all I can think of for now! Yeah(: I hope you guys don’t mind me just talking about my life. 😀 Tell me if you do. I’ll stop.



Avery of InkTrack officially withdrew from the contest in the last challenge. She said “I don’t stand a chance with DIY against those other girls. They’re all amazing bloggers and I’m just an author.”

So…we only had to eliminate 1 other person!

I’m sorry, but…this week’s eliminated contestant was…Lauren of Life in Couture.

The picture you post on your blog (the panda one) wasn’t yours, which is plagiarism and a bit of a false lead. It made us think that that was the way our lips would look. You should have post your own pics on your blog. Also, the pics you sent to our emails had comments that said things along the lines of “I didn’t like the crab turnout”. If you didn’t like your own turnout, how do you expect us to want to recreate it?

Cece, your tutorial was AMAZING. I loved, loved, LOVED the polish rehab idea. Totally going to do that! The pictures were gorgeous, too. I’m making over my room soon and I have a feeling I might do these jars(:

Randy…your duct tape pencil case was fabulous! I paid my classmate to make a duct tape wallet last year and I loved it, and I’ve been curious to learn how to do those ever since(: Basically, you did what I asked for in my last post and dazzled us!

So here are the scores: 0/50 for Avery (she withdrew), 10/50 for plagiarism of 1 picture as well as lack of originality (you even said that it was your friend’s idea), 40/50 for Randy (it wasn’t that original of an idea, there were a bunch of tutorials online already, but it was well-written and everything else we asked for) and 50/50 for Cece. It was well-written, your rehab idea was SUPER original, easy to understand, had beautiful pics, and Ju and I recreated it with no problem! 🙂

The next challenge is for Cece and Randy only, and will decide our final victor and the receiver of our grand prize.

Further details will be on the Contest! page, and, remember, just like last time, to…



doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

I, sadly, didn’t find any pictures this week that were exceedingly funny, but I did find a video. 🙂 Des and Nate are awesome and hilarious and I love them and their epic hair and piercings. They’re also a bit nerdy, and I have a thing for funny, good-looking, nerd-gamers(: (See dansisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and crabstickz.)

I honestly can’t remember if there’s cussing in this video (I was laughing too hard LOL), so forgive me if there is.


That’s all for today’s meal, folks!
Thanks for reading!
Please comment and/or like if you think it’s worthy!

ex oh ex oh, less than three,




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Hey, you guys. Sorry, I know I’m late again.
But I’m a HUGE procrastinator. Yeah, blame it on that.
Or on my ridiculous spazzy iPhone that just does NOT want to send pictures to my computer.
Or on the fact that some of my relatives just immigrated over, and have taken over my computer. (This post is being done on my parents’.) 

Also, I know I promised part 2 of the UD Experiment, but my house was tented for termites over the weekend, and we had to pack everything up. And now I can’t find the eyeliners I was gonna swatch, so…yeah. Sorry. I’ll try to find it and post on it next time! 😀

Anyway, this post is called “anti” because I celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day! (Or Single’s Awareness Day, as some call it.)
SOOOOO…to all you single/anti-Valentine’s-Day girls and boys who are reading this…

so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: Nails, nails, and more nails.
DESSERT: Birthday+Contest.
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



Well…this is awkward. I have a MASSIVE post for you guys today, so I’m just going to put one song on here today! Soo…just a few songs of the week. (Obviously, they’re all My Chemical Romance.) I have one song for every week I haven’t posted…Here we go!

Yeah, that’s it! I love all these songs to death, so it’d be awesome if you’d give these a listen! 🙂



Nails, nails, and more nails.

Today, there are going to be a NOTW, a nail polish experiment-swatch-thing that I did at Ju’s house out of boredom, and, yet, another haul. DISCLAIMER: Once again, I’m not bragging. I’m adding a poll to see which polish you guys would like to see swatched next. Some are from my last post’s haul, which you can see here.

NOTW+Review- Essie: Shine of the Times

Well, as Essie’s Shine of the Times was quite a big deal- it was the one of the first in the onslaught of flakies! It was part of the “LuxEffects” collection, and it’s a gorgeous opalescent flakie glitter in a clear base

In the bottle, it flashed LITERALLY ALL the colors of the rainbow, but on, you could really only see shades yellow, orange, red, and green, which was disappointing. I’m going to give it a go again and put it over black, another time, to see if the purple and blue will shine through, then.

Since I wore it without base coat (no top coat either), it was a pain to remove, so I would definitely go that extra step. It wore really well, and it stayed on with barely any chips for over a week. It did do this really weird thing where the corners of the polish, around my cuticle would lift up, though, so top coat would probably be a good idea.

Picture time! All these pictures are from about a week after application.

Here, you can see how the polish is lifting off my nail in the bottom right corner. D:

I actually do have the polish on, you just can't see it! 😛

Look at the purple and blue! 🙂

It’s so pretty! I definitely recommend this if you guys don’t have it or want to try a flakie polish! 🙂

The Massive Nail Polish Experiment-Swatcharoo-Thing.

I went over to Ju’s house a couple of weeks ago, and she had a bunch of nail polish lying around, and I was bored…
…so we swatched a ton of them.

Here’s the whole lineup. From left to right- Sinful Colors: Black Crackle, OPI: Pros and Bronze, Sinful Colors: Let Me Go, Etude: Nail Roll Roll GR601, Estee Lauder: Frozen Fantasy, Wet ‘n’ Wild: Party of 5 Glitters, Color Club: Holiday Splendor, and Sally Hansen: Crackle Overcoat Snow Blast.

In the above picture, we have, from left to right- 1 coat of Sinful Colors: Let Me Go, 4 coats of Etude: Nail Roll Roll GR601, 2 coats of Estee Lauder: Frozen Fantasy, 3 coats of Wet ‘n’ Wild: Party of 5 Glitters, and 1 coat of Color Club: Holiday Splendor.

I am IN LOVE with Estee Lauder’s Frozen Fantasy (the one on my middle finger), but, sadly, I don’t think I can pull it off. Maybe a bit too cool-toned? It’s a frosted nude. Tell me if you think I can in the poll! 🙂

Here are some more pictures(: I think having OPI’s Pros and Bronze on top of it makes it look better on me(:

Argh, I love it! It's so pretty, but I don't think it's for me 😦

Frozen Fantasy with OPI Pros and Bronze over it on my middle finger, and Holiday Splendor with Black Crackle over it on my pinky.

Estee Lauder with OPI Pros and Bronze on top in the sun(: SO pretty(:

LOL Ju's hand(:

Sinful Colors’ Black Crackle…the horror. It’s SO AWFUL. Look above…does that look at all like the crackle on the tag? If you’re looking for a good, cheap crackle, this is NOT the one you want! (I’m also SO over crackle now, it’s gotten old. Take a look here for other In’s and Out’s.)

Another rant… Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Party of 5 Glitters. On the picture above the one above (so 2 up) you can see how sparse it is and how it’s pooling at the edge of my nail. That’s 3 coats! And every coat I added, it dissolved the one below, so it just turned liquid again. It wouldn’t even be good for layering. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Oh, guess what? I have ANOTHER rant- Etude’s Nail Roll Roll GR601. It took 4 coats to get it opaque, and you could still see brush strokes. It was also an awful, frosty blue color (eughh.) and it took forever to dry. I think it’s a pretty rare brand, so you probably won’t ever come across this, but if you do… DON’T BUY IT.

Now, for Sally Hansen’s Crackle Overcoat Snow Blast.

It crackled pretty well for a drugstore polish, and it’s relatively inexpensive, so this I would recommend. I’m not a fan of white nail polish, though, it can sometimes look like white-out.

Sinful Color’s Let Me Go was also really pretty, though it’s super sheer. It’s a duo-chrome, shimmery purple-to-green, and I like it a lot. It’s definitely for layering, though.

I also love Color Club’s Holiday Splendor (Ju reviewed it before) and it’s definitely one I’m going to wear the next holiday season! 🙂

I Freakin’ Love Presents. [Another Polish Haul, Yes.]

As you guys know, it was my birthday recently, and I got presents! NAIL POLISH, WAHOO! 🙂 My good friend R*, who also got me a ton of Essie polishes (you can see the ones she got me here) got me…A DEBORAH LIPPMAN NAIL POLISH SET! 🙂 It’s a set of 3 mini glitters (sorry, I forgot the names), and they’re all super pretty! (Though I’m not in love with the pink…) Here are some pictures! The packaging was super cute and silver, and there were little dividers to keep the polishes apart.

Charcoal and holo glitter~! ❤

The box with the lid(:

I love her to pieces for getting me this(: ♥

My other friend, my BFFL J* (not Ju, but Ju did get me an epic present, too), got me Nicole by OPI’s Nicole…Spotted! which I’ve been wanting literally FOREVER (it was even on my wish list on here, click here to see), and it’s gorgeous! It’s a teal jelly with red-orange-yellow-lime and teal-blue-indigo-purple, color-changing glitter.

I love it and I love her(:

Now for the poll…which nail polish would you like seen swatched next? Click here to see some of the polishes- they were in the haul on my last post.

If a glitter wins, I’ll put it over the highest-voted opaque color(: PLEASE VOTE! Thanks! 🙂




Well…I was going to talk about my life, because, you know, I’m a massive narcissist, and that’s what I do. But, since this post is already MASSIVELY LONG, I figured I’d just do that next time and stick with talking about the contest and last post’s birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes! 😀

First, I’d like to thank you all! You guys helped me achieve almost all of my birthday wishes, which was awesome of you all! You guys get ∞ ♥’s! (If it’s crossed out, we achieved it! All these stats are from 5:02 PM on March 2, 2012.)

3,500 views on P&P– 4,176, OMG, that’s, like, 600 extra! 😀 350 comments– 373, actually. Our readers are such over-achievers, always going beyond expectations. 😉 40 blog followers–  We got 42! YAY! 🙂 150 views on my Alicia blog– 226, thanks! 25 comments on my Alicia blog– Ohhh, 31! Comments make me happy! 😀 10 blog followers- Well, we didn’t reach that, but 9 is plenty!



Okay, so this is KIND OF REALLY IMPORTANT if you’re in the contest!

In case you didn’t understand, the challenge is ALWAYS due the next week!

So, that means that this challenge is due March 10, 2012! If you need extra time, email us, and we will extend it an extra week (March 17th).

Got it guys? Good.

The last challenge was to make us a list of 5 videos or YouTubers that you thought Ju and I would enjoy.

Ari and Jill are eliminated, sorry, guys! Ari didn’t send a playlist, and Jill was wayyyy late.

To the remaining contestants: GOOD LUCK! You guys now have a one out of 6 chance of winning!

This week’s challenge is…TO MAKE A BLOG MAKEOVER FOR US, PRETTIED & POLISHED! You must make a header and find a matching background.

A requirement: the title must either include the words “Prettied and Polished” (& or + symbol may be substituted for “and”), or “P&P”/”P+P”.



doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

On my last post, I asked you guys whether or not you wanted to have a video in this section, as well as my usual, (at least in my opinion) funny picture. 3 of you said yes, 3 said no, and 4 said you didn’t care…so I decided to do it! You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to…

And, now the picture… 🙂 You have to open it in a new tab and then zoom to see it clearly, sorry… but I love me some memes! 🙂



That’s all for today’s meal, folks!
Sorry that it’s late.

Thanks for reading!
Please comment and/or like if you think it’s worthy!

ex oh ex oh, less than three,



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The Three Musketeers! Kinda…ish…sort of….

Hello my Jujubes,

If you didn’t notice already, I added two new pretty awesome asians to this blog.  You all probably recognize Evon, who is my bfwlatcbwsleoa (best friend that lives across the country but we still love each other anyway).  We met when I had a youtube channel, and we still are besties even after I quit!  I also added Janine, my best friend in “real life” so to say.  She’s not as die hard about beauty and fashion like Evon and I, but she still interested in that stuff!  She’s into punky stuff.  For example, she wants to dye her hair blue and purple (partly).  She’ll explain more in her intro post, but I wanted to give you a little background (:~!  Now we are all one big family (ehh…) and can conquer the world…one lipstick at a time (LOL cheesy…Janine hates that stuff…but she has to deal with it.)

BTW, our “schedule” will be Evon will post on Tuesdays, I will post on Thursdays, and Janine on Saturday (:  Well, let’s just get into this.  AND, I almost forgot, thank you for 1,000 views.  I got there so fast, it’s amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤ Moi!

~✮~Daily Tunes~✮~

Verse:  Musical Muses

Refrain: Nails of the Day

Chorus: Fall into Autumn: A Makeup Tutorial

Bridge: Items of Interest

Coda: Quote of the Day

Verse- Musical Muses:

Janine has introduced me to new music (I used to be a mainstream wh*re), and here are some of my favorites :D!

1. All Time Low: Damned if I Do Ya, Break Your Little Heart, I Feel Like Dancing

2. Cobra Starship: Good Girls Go Bad, Hot Mess, City Is At War

3. Foster the People: Helena Beat, Houdini, I Would Do Anything For You, Waste

4. Jack’s Mannequin: Dark Blue,

5. OneRepublic: Stop and Stare, All this Time, Good Life, Secrets

6. Neon Trees: Animal, 1983 (this song scored me extra credit!! its a long story)

7. Paramore: Playing God, Monster, Misery Business, The Only Exception

8. Ron Pope: A Drop in the Ocean

9. Train: Drops of Jupiter

Refrain- Nails of the Day:

This picture do not do these nails justice!

Today, I’m wearing OPI Over the Taupe (I got my nails done with it, and I love it!  Need to buy it :D) and later when I got home I layer Sinful Colors Let Me Go on top.  Its pretty much gorgeousness on your fingernails, I’m in freaking love with it!

Chorus- Fall into Autumn, A Makeup Tutorial:

So you might remember this eye look from my old freshfabulous blog but I decided to recycle it to this blog since my camera isn’t working so I can’t take pictures.  Also, I deleted the last blog before I saved the text part so it’s all new description!

1. Prime you lids: This will keep everything on all day and make colors more vibrant.  I used the Shiseido The Makeup Eye Primer.

2. Apply a shimmery light beige base to the lid: Since the liner is the main part of the look, a subtle lid color is the way to go so your lids don’t look bare but don’t overpower the look.  I used the lightest color in the Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow Quad.

3. Do the wing: Using the foiling liquid of your choice, wet a small liner brush and use it to apply a dark copper wing to the upper and lower lash line (I used a toner to foil, and the lighter color from the NARS duo in Cordura to do the wing, and a e.l.f. Detail Brush to apply the eyeshadow). To do a wing, extend the lower lash line and connect your lined upperlash line, then fill it in.  Do the same to the lower lash line, except only line the lower lash line halfway.

4. Set the wing: Using the same eyeshadow dry, set the wet wing to help it last.

5. Layer Mascara: Layer mascara’s to create the spider lashes affect

And you are done!  Hope you guys enjoyed that! 😀

Bridge- Items of Interest:

1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size Set of Five in Naked

~It looks super uber cool!  I’ve always wanted to try the UD pencil liners, and this is just makes it convenient! It has very neutral colors, and at $32, you can’t go wrong, with a full size being $18 (which I probably would never use up!).~

2. Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection

~The packaging it to die for, the colors look amazing, and I’ve heard so many good things about it!  Also, they are all new colors, so if you already own UD Palettes, you would have two of the same!~

3. Bare Escentuals Brushless Mascara

~I know what your thinking, a brushless mascaraI?  Wouldn’t that clump your lashes horribly?  Well, let me explain.  I saw a review on youtube by FleurdeForce, and it look AMAZING.  Like not just eh, but GORGEOUS.  It separated her lashes amazingly and in the end they looked like long, curled fans surrounding her eyes, no joke!~

4. Benefit Sugarbomb 

~I’ve heard it the perfect neutral blush that gives you the perfect glow, and I want to know if it is “the one”. But for $28 is it worth it?~

5. T3 Single Pass Whirl

~This clamp-less curling iron has amazing reviews, and it’s said to be the best on the market.  However, I’m skeptical about the $130 price tag, and wonder if there is a cheaper alternative.

Coda- Quote of the Day:

“A friend is someone who will bail you out of jail. A best friend is the one that will be sitting next to you in the cell saying ‘That was awesome'”


Imagine, be a star ✮

With love, Juju

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Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Hello my Jujubes!

It’s been a week!  Time for another jumbo-post!  I really shouldn’t waste time to explain myself, it’s probably become the norm with you all already!

1. The Do’s and Don’ts of Makeup


-Use highlighter under under eye concealer.  This will brighten up that area and make you look more wide awake!

-Highlight your inner corners.  This will open up your eyes and give you the wide eyed look.

-Tightline. This will give your lashes extra volume and define your eyes in a subtle way.

-Curl your lashes.  This will give you a doll eyed look and make your eyes look bigger.

-Highlight your cheekbones.  This will accentuate your bone structure and make you look very natural and glow-ey

-Blot your lipstick then re-apply.  This will make your lipstick last a lot longer and make it more vibrant


-Use pencil concealer under the eyes.  Stick concealers tend to drag on the skin and the dragging will cause premature wrinkles.

-Use full-coverage powder with a full coverage foundation.  This will look way too cake-y, no matter how good your foundation or powder is

-Line all the way around your eye.  This will close your eyes off and make them look smaller

-Contour with a shimmery bronzer.  This will look super unnatural.

-Use blue toned lip color if you have warm skin (or vise versa).  This will look very awkward on the skin and it will feel like something is out of place


Today I’m wearing Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on top of OPI Dulce de Leche.

I think the glitter really spices up the nude-nes of the OPI Dulce de Leche, don’t you think?  By the way, thank you Cindy for recommending Deborah Lippmann glitters.  I’m in love!

3. Items of Interest (Halloween Edition! Well…kinda)

Every post, I always do an “Items of Interest” and this post is no exception!

1. Paperself False Lashes: They look so cool! They have all these different shapes and they just shout “Halloween!” to me.

2. Sephora Makeup Studio Blockbuster: This palette has at least 200 different looks, and all the bright colors are very convenient when trying to transform yourself into something else!

Now, onto the not-so-Halloween stuff…

3. Sephora Favorites Sephora’s Bestsellers:  This has everything you could ever want, from UDDP, Nars Laguna Illuminator, Buxom Mascara; all of Sephora’s bestsellers for $75!

4.Essie Wrapped in Rubies: It’s such a pretty color with red and orange and gold tripe-chrome!

5. Betsey Johnson Too-too: The packaging is freaking adorable; I mean come on, who can’t resist a perfume in a bottle with a TOO-TOO PERSON? Seriously…

4. Mini Written Haul:

I bought some stuff this week, lets get on hauling!

1. Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

2. Sally Hansen Mega-shine Top Coat (Seche Vite, my favorite, is said to have links to birth defects. Uh, no. Not taking that risk)

3. MAC Eyeshadow in All that Glitters

4. Dollywink Eyeliner in Black

5. Ardell False Lashes

5. Quote of the Day:

A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous

-Coco Chanel

Well, that sums up this post.  Have a wonderful week my lovelies!

Imagine, be a star ✮

With love, Juju

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Raves and Reviews, oh my!

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Hello Jujubes!

Today, I will be jam packed post to make up for my absence; I can explain.

So I was really in the mood to do a review for the past few weeks, but the thing is that my camera was experiencing something I have diagnosed as “Camera Coma”.  You see, this condition has symptoms include battery lasting 5 seconds, lens constantly moving back and forth, lens cover only removing half way, and quality of pictures downgrading. Some remedies include  a lot of banging on the table and turning on and off.  Finally, I gave up and decided to borrow my sister’s camera for this post.  Now, enough rambling for today, let’s get into this!

1. Review of theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

Why hello there Doraemo!

I got this palette about a month ago at my local TJ Maxx.  After digging and digging through all the crappy, gimicky items and shattered products, I found this baby, untouched and beautiful.  I looked at all the colors, and knew this palette was the one for me!  It has the perfect mix of neutrals, sultry, smokey and bright colors.  However, when I found out the price of this bad boy, I think I sprinted to the cash register.  I got this palette for twenty bucks.  And guess what it is the original price? Fifty.  Eh my gawd, the deal I got on this thing boggles my mind; I practically stole it.  

The Lip/Cheek Products:

The Drama Queen: This is a bright red coral with a cream finish. When blended into the cheeks it gives a very natural pink glow to the cheeks.

The Perfect Man: This is a magenta pink with silver sparkle.  Its not as creamy as The Drama Queen but when put on the lips it makes your teeth look really white

~Overall, the cheek/lip stains are very nice, but I don’t find they actually “stain” the lips~

The Evil Twin: As a pinky nude gloss, it’s nothing special, a very generic color

~Overall, the formula is nice; it isn’t sticky and feels slick on the lips~

The Eyeshadows:

(Just to let you guys know, I got some help from Temptalia for descriptions, but I did not copy word for word.  Just to point that out (:)

Oil Tycoon: I would describe this as a gold-gilded bronze with a hint of red undertone.  It has a very frosted finish but doesn’t have legit chunks of glitter.  It goes on like butter and has a super smooth texture that is super easy to work with.

The Estranged Mom: This is a beautiful deep olive green with a gold shimmer.  It’s not metallic, but not satin.  The texture is not as silky as Oil Tycoon, but just like MAC Veluxe Pearl and MAC Satin, Veluxe Pearl usually has better texture

The Southern Belle: This is a beautiful muddy medium blue with a silver sheen.  Application with this shadow is not the most pigmented but still build-able.

The Mother-In-Law: This is a deep grey toned blue with silver shimmer.  It has great application and is super silky to the touch.

The Supermodel: I would describe this as a muted copper, almost on the edging onto gold.  This has, in my opinion, the best texture of the palette, and goes on with almost no effort.

The Bad Boy: This is gorgeous dark brown with gold glitter.  The application of this eyeshadow was surprising because of the gold glitter.  Its not chunky at all and is very nicely pigmented

The Guy Who Died but Didn’t Really Die:  This is a grey-ish brown, but its not exactly a taupe.  It leans more grey in some lights but sometimes I find it more brown in other.  I love this color because it’s so unique, and I wear it whenever I need a neutral color in the crease.

The Mistress: This is a frosty gray that is borderline silver.  I would call it a gunmetal color, perfect for smokey eyes and such.  Texture is very buttery, synonymous with the textures of the other colors, and can be applied with ease

The Step Brother: I find this to be a muted forest green with a gold sheen.  It goes on smoothly, has amazing texture, and I did not trouble applying this.

The Coma Patient: This is a frosted lila shade with silver shimmer, and a touch of pink tones.  This had some issues with application; it didn’t apply smoothly and has some fallout.  Not very impressed with this shadow

The Neighbor: I would describe this as a pale yellow gold with gold shimmer.  It applies very nicely and, like almost every other shadow in this palette, has a silky, buttery texture.

The Stock Broker: This is your classic frosty white.  I find it not the best in application, however.  It’s a bit chalky, and its very, very, very frosty.

The Police Man: This is a bright sky blue with a frosted finish.  Its probably one of the brightest colors in the whole palette.  It’s very pigmented and has great texture!

The Brain Surgeon: This is a cool toned deep purple with silver sheen.  I find it goes on pretty sheer, but it applies nicely to the lids and has a smooth application.

The Basket Case: Out of all the shadows, this is probably one of my favorite shadows in the palette, as you can see in the dent.  It’s a frosted beige with a white shimmer and its just the perfect all over lid color for everyday.  It has a gorgeous buttery feel and applies very smoothly to the lids.

The Older Women: I would describe this as a pink toned champagne with a gold sheen.  It doesn’t have the nicest formula, its a bit patchy here and there, but I love the color so I ignore the little tidbits.

~Overall, the eyeshadows have very creamy, buttery formulas and the color payoff is respectable~

The Final Verdict: This palette is my life, and it I love the colors, so I would highly recommend it.  Just go, it’s a HG product for me, you won’t regret it!


Mushroom nails from Mario.  And yes Cutepolish on Youtube taught me this, and yes I failed. (:

3. Items of Interest

1. Chanel Peridot: I just feel it’s so unique that I wouldn’t mind spending $22 on a bottle.  Do you agree?

2. Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette: It has a great mix of neutrals and brights, and I’m interested.  Are you?

3. Steve Madden Firefly Boots: Super cute, rough around the edges look is my kind of style.  Will these fit?

4. Tiffany Charm Bracelet: It’s super expensive, but I have never had a fancy bracelet.  Is this the one I will splurge on?

5. Lush “Honey I Washed the Kids” Soap.  I heard its the most amazing smelling soap ever.  Will I buy it, even with its not-so-nice-for-soap price tag?

4. Musical Muses

1.Foster the People : Helena Beat, Houdini, Waste, I Would do Anything for You

2.Paramore : Playing God, Monster, Misery Business

3. Cobra Starship: Hot Mess, City is at War

4. OneRepublic: Secrets, Good Life, All This Time, Stop and Stare

5. All Time Low: Damned If I Do Ya, Break Your Little Heart, I Feel Like Dancing

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  See you guys….next week hopefully.

Love, Juju




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