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Let’s Get Polished

Hello my Jujubes,

First off, I would like to start off this post with a big, giant thank you.  I now have 1,297 1, 365 views, 22 25 followers, and my last post got 37 41 comments (: .  Thank you so much guys, I just want to give you all a oh-my-gawd-she-is-going-to-choke-me hug.  I love you all, thank you for all the support! ❤

Today’s post is going to be nail polish swatches, since that was the second most requested thing on my “Fashion Fades, Style Stays” post with the polls.  After I do all of those, I will do more polls asking about the next post!

~✮~Daily Tunes~✮~

Verse: It’s Ginger, It’s Cute, Its…

Refrain: Nails of the Day

Chorus: Polish Up!

Bridge: Items of Interest

Coda: Quote of the Day


It’s Ginger, It’s Cute, It’s…


Just this past Friday on Veteran’s Day, I went to the mall with friends and had a pretty awesome time.

So, first we ate lunch at Ruby’s Diner and ate some delicious french fries (Ruby’s has the best) and some juicy, crispy chicken strips.  After filling ourselves up, we went to the Forever 21, and I bought a lot of cute accessories (haul in next post!) .  It was fun having friends to rate and help you choose what top or jacket is the best and worth the money!

We also stopped by a in-walking-distance drugstore to look at all the new releases and pick up some nail polish (we all love to paint our nails).  I picked up a holographic glitter from Sally Hansen, and an Orly polish in Rage (ah-dore the color, can’t wait to paint my nails with it!).  I saw some of the winter collections for some of the makeup brands, and all the packaging and colors look gorgeous!  Well most…some look over the top and cheesy, but hey, what do you expects?  ITS THE HOLIDAY SEASON :D!

After all this, we went to see Puss in Boot 3D and it is the one of the cutest movies I have ever seen in my life.  I don’t want to spoil it for y’all, but you get to see a lot of Puss’s cute face :D.  It’s very romantic, very cheesy, and super duper awesome for Puss in Boots fans/lovers!

We also went to the photobooth and took some really silly photos, but I can’t show you guys because they are labeled with the mall :/.  So stupid!

Starbucks ended this mall rendezvous.  I ordered the usually, Double Choclatey Chip Frappucino with whipped cream.  Literally heaven in a milkshake, no joke guys.  Not good for you, but come on, a girl’s gotta live!

Here’s some pictures!

Me on a bike that is way too small for me

I’m too short to reach the head hole. LOL iFail
Chipmunks are pretty chill. You know, they’re my homies.



Moustches for Movember!

As you guys probably know, November (AKA Movember) is prostate cancer awareness month.  Since I’m not a dude and I can’t grow out a moustache, I decided I would do little staches on my nails!  I did all different shapes, as you can tell.  For the base color I used Essie in East Hampton Cottage, and for the black I used China Glaze Ink.  Toothpicks, a steady hand, and patience were used to achieve the moustaches.  Some of these supplies are not accessible at store, you might have to just deal with it (:~!


Polish Up!

Glitters!  Here are all of my favorite glitters, enjoy!  BTW, they all hav good texture and go on nicely, just putting that out there!

Sinful Colors All About You (3 coats):


No Flash

 Sinful Colors Frenzy (2 coats): 


Nails inc. 3D Holographic Glitter in Electric Lane (2 coats):




 Nails inc. Holographic Glitter in Fitzroy Square (2 coats):


Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (1 coat)


No Flash


Items of Interest (Polished Addition!)

I’m going to be mentioning 10 polishes that I find are worthy of a spotlight 😀

1. Essie Nail Polish in Aruba Blue:  It’s such a pretty color, and Essie polishes are one of my favorites 😀

2. Butter London Polish in The Old Bill: I’ve heard this metallic has such fine glitter and shimmer it looks like actually molten metal on your fingernails.  Also, I really want to try Butter London, so maybe this will be my excuse to try it!

3. Nicole by OPI Polish in Have a Heart: It’s frickin’ heart shaped glitter…I don’t care how badly it will probably go on, I want it.  Like come on, how cool would it look on top of a baby pink? Right?

4. Orly Polish in Space Cadet: Is this not the coolest looking polish you have every seen?  It’s pretty much a quad-chrome (that’s how you say it, right?) with pink, gold, dark blue and green.  Can someone transport me to Ulta right now?

5. Revlon Nail Polish in Facets of Fuchsia: This is supposed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, and you guys know I’m an uber cheap-y.  If I can a color for 5 bucks instead of 18, I’m going sieze the opportunity like a ninja (shh…it’s a secret)

6. China Glaze Nail Polish in Ring in the Red: It’s a new, glittery take on the classic red, and who doesn’t want that?  Glitter always makes everything better.

7. Chanel Peridot: You guys have probably heard of this color a million times because it’s so hyped over, but I really think this is one color that your won’t encounter at your stroll down the grocery aisle.

8. Deborah Lippmann Polish in Wicked Game: Being a green and purple duochrome, it’s got to have some limelight, am I right?  It must be uber hard to have complementary colors that are supposed to “opposites” be together in the same polish without looking like mud.

Sorry for bad pic, couldn't find a better one

9. Cult Nails Polish in Unicorn Puke: Like the name, love the polish!  It’s a multicolored flake polish which look amazing layered on other polishes.  I got to find a way to get my hands on it!

10. OPI Designer De Better: When silver and bronze are mixed together, you would think it would be a train-wreck.  However, OPI pulled it off with Designer De Better from the Muppets Collection.  How much I want this polish…UGH!



“Pray for mercy. Puss, the boots”

~Puss in Boots



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