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Raves and Reviews, oh my!

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Hello Jujubes!

Today, I will be jam packed post to make up for my absence; I can explain.

So I was really in the mood to do a review for the past few weeks, but the thing is that my camera was experiencing something I have diagnosed as “Camera Coma”.  You see, this condition has symptoms include battery lasting 5 seconds, lens constantly moving back and forth, lens cover only removing half way, and quality of pictures downgrading. Some remedies include  a lot of banging on the table and turning on and off.  Finally, I gave up and decided to borrow my sister’s camera for this post.  Now, enough rambling for today, let’s get into this!

1. Review of theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

Why hello there Doraemo!

I got this palette about a month ago at my local TJ Maxx.  After digging and digging through all the crappy, gimicky items and shattered products, I found this baby, untouched and beautiful.  I looked at all the colors, and knew this palette was the one for me!  It has the perfect mix of neutrals, sultry, smokey and bright colors.  However, when I found out the price of this bad boy, I think I sprinted to the cash register.  I got this palette for twenty bucks.  And guess what it is the original price? Fifty.  Eh my gawd, the deal I got on this thing boggles my mind; I practically stole it.  

The Lip/Cheek Products:

The Drama Queen: This is a bright red coral with a cream finish. When blended into the cheeks it gives a very natural pink glow to the cheeks.

The Perfect Man: This is a magenta pink with silver sparkle.  Its not as creamy as The Drama Queen but when put on the lips it makes your teeth look really white

~Overall, the cheek/lip stains are very nice, but I don’t find they actually “stain” the lips~

The Evil Twin: As a pinky nude gloss, it’s nothing special, a very generic color

~Overall, the formula is nice; it isn’t sticky and feels slick on the lips~

The Eyeshadows:

(Just to let you guys know, I got some help from Temptalia for descriptions, but I did not copy word for word.  Just to point that out (:)

Oil Tycoon: I would describe this as a gold-gilded bronze with a hint of red undertone.  It has a very frosted finish but doesn’t have legit chunks of glitter.  It goes on like butter and has a super smooth texture that is super easy to work with.

The Estranged Mom: This is a beautiful deep olive green with a gold shimmer.  It’s not metallic, but not satin.  The texture is not as silky as Oil Tycoon, but just like MAC Veluxe Pearl and MAC Satin, Veluxe Pearl usually has better texture

The Southern Belle: This is a beautiful muddy medium blue with a silver sheen.  Application with this shadow is not the most pigmented but still build-able.

The Mother-In-Law: This is a deep grey toned blue with silver shimmer.  It has great application and is super silky to the touch.

The Supermodel: I would describe this as a muted copper, almost on the edging onto gold.  This has, in my opinion, the best texture of the palette, and goes on with almost no effort.

The Bad Boy: This is gorgeous dark brown with gold glitter.  The application of this eyeshadow was surprising because of the gold glitter.  Its not chunky at all and is very nicely pigmented

The Guy Who Died but Didn’t Really Die:  This is a grey-ish brown, but its not exactly a taupe.  It leans more grey in some lights but sometimes I find it more brown in other.  I love this color because it’s so unique, and I wear it whenever I need a neutral color in the crease.

The Mistress: This is a frosty gray that is borderline silver.  I would call it a gunmetal color, perfect for smokey eyes and such.  Texture is very buttery, synonymous with the textures of the other colors, and can be applied with ease

The Step Brother: I find this to be a muted forest green with a gold sheen.  It goes on smoothly, has amazing texture, and I did not trouble applying this.

The Coma Patient: This is a frosted lila shade with silver shimmer, and a touch of pink tones.  This had some issues with application; it didn’t apply smoothly and has some fallout.  Not very impressed with this shadow

The Neighbor: I would describe this as a pale yellow gold with gold shimmer.  It applies very nicely and, like almost every other shadow in this palette, has a silky, buttery texture.

The Stock Broker: This is your classic frosty white.  I find it not the best in application, however.  It’s a bit chalky, and its very, very, very frosty.

The Police Man: This is a bright sky blue with a frosted finish.  Its probably one of the brightest colors in the whole palette.  It’s very pigmented and has great texture!

The Brain Surgeon: This is a cool toned deep purple with silver sheen.  I find it goes on pretty sheer, but it applies nicely to the lids and has a smooth application.

The Basket Case: Out of all the shadows, this is probably one of my favorite shadows in the palette, as you can see in the dent.  It’s a frosted beige with a white shimmer and its just the perfect all over lid color for everyday.  It has a gorgeous buttery feel and applies very smoothly to the lids.

The Older Women: I would describe this as a pink toned champagne with a gold sheen.  It doesn’t have the nicest formula, its a bit patchy here and there, but I love the color so I ignore the little tidbits.

~Overall, the eyeshadows have very creamy, buttery formulas and the color payoff is respectable~

The Final Verdict: This palette is my life, and it I love the colors, so I would highly recommend it.  Just go, it’s a HG product for me, you won’t regret it!


Mushroom nails from Mario.  And yes Cutepolish on Youtube taught me this, and yes I failed. (:

3. Items of Interest

1. Chanel Peridot: I just feel it’s so unique that I wouldn’t mind spending $22 on a bottle.  Do you agree?

2. Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette: It has a great mix of neutrals and brights, and I’m interested.  Are you?

3. Steve Madden Firefly Boots: Super cute, rough around the edges look is my kind of style.  Will these fit?

4. Tiffany Charm Bracelet: It’s super expensive, but I have never had a fancy bracelet.  Is this the one I will splurge on?

5. Lush “Honey I Washed the Kids” Soap.  I heard its the most amazing smelling soap ever.  Will I buy it, even with its not-so-nice-for-soap price tag?

4. Musical Muses

1.Foster the People : Helena Beat, Houdini, Waste, I Would do Anything for You

2.Paramore : Playing God, Monster, Misery Business

3. Cobra Starship: Hot Mess, City is at War

4. OneRepublic: Secrets, Good Life, All This Time, Stop and Stare

5. All Time Low: Damned If I Do Ya, Break Your Little Heart, I Feel Like Dancing

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  See you guys….next week hopefully.

Love, Juju





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