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THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: the way we were.


It’s me again. Who else?
Lots to do today.
Finally, yes. I am doing part 2 of the UD Experiment! You should all be so proud of me. 😛

so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: Nail shtuffs, again. And Part 2 of The UD Experiment.
DESSERT: Life+Contest.
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



Well…I’ve decided that, again, for this post, I’m just going to do songs of the week. I’ll ramble on and on if I have to talk about bands as well, so let’s just do this.

Just a sort of warning: this week, I was pretty into screamo, so if you don’t like that kind of music, I’d choose the second, third, or fourth song. The first is definitely screamo.

The first song is…”Knives and Pens” by Black Veil Brides. I love this song, and the video, and Andy Sixx, and Andy Sixx’s hair, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s hair, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s band, and Andy Sixx’s girlfriend’s TV show, and Andy Sixx’s microphone-swinging skills (!!!!), and Andy Sixx’s ability to wear makeup better than most girls. So…yurrhh. And my friend thinks that the teenage boy in the video is “cah-yoot!”

The next song is also by BVB ♥ (yurh, I’m a little obsessed with them right now) and it’s soooo cute. I don’t usually like love songs and all that goopy, mushy stuff, but this song is so good. It’s called “Rebel Love Song”. ♥ *Sigh*, if only boys actually wrote songs like this for their girlfriends besides Andy and Juliet.

And…another BVB song. I love this one, it’s so acoustic and pretty(: It’s so heartfelt and beautiful! 😀

 Next up is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! 🙂 I really like their song “False Pretense” right now, it’s really good(: Yep, merhheh(: He’s also a really good screamer, too, as well as a good singer, and that’s always nice. Just like Andy from BVB(:

That’s all for today’s music(:



Nails. Again. Whoop-dee-doop. And Part 2 of The UD Experiment.

Hey…well. I sort of lied in my last post. I know I said I would swatch the color(s) you guys voted for in the poll…but I didn’t. And there was a tie between 2 colors. One of which was pink, the other which was baby blue- neither of which are down my alley. Even in spring, I wear dark colors. Or sheer skin-color-but-better type colors. Sooo…there will be 2 NOTW’s this post, as well as Part 2 of The UD Experiment(:

Mini-Haul+NOTW+Review- Dare to Wear: Smokin’ Diva

My friend, R*, also known as the amazing chica who got me the Deborah Lippman set from my last post, as well as the Essie polishes from 2 posts back, went ahead and got this supposed dupe of Graphite from Chanel without looking for swatches. She tried it on and didn’t like it with her skin tone, but I tried it on and…I LOVED IT! Even though I’m not completely sure of the dupe-ability. Click here to see Temptalia’s swatch of Chanel Graphite. Click here to see All Laquered Up’s swatch of Graphite- her picture looks a lot more similar to Dare To Wear Smokin’ Diva.

First, the color. It’s a pewter, gold-mixed-with-silver type look with silver glass-looking flecks and hints of green, red, and yellow shimmer in it. It’s (I think) a foil (which is…my favorite thing EVER) and I loooove it(:

Let’s talk formula. It went on SUUUUUPER smoothly, no bubbles, no problems, no anything(: It dried really quickly, too, so I was able to have R* add a second coat for me (we were painting each other’s nails) pretty soon after the first, which is a great time-saver! I’m definitely going to be wearing this color again. I think it suits me(: It also dried really, really shiny, which was great! I didn’t add any top coats or base coats- nothing, and it was great, still. The only thing is, my right thumb nail and my left ring and pinky finger nails are extremely ridgy, and, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, made the polish look like the new magnetic polishes. You’ll see in the pictures.

Now for wear. It wore REALLY well. The following pictures are all from a week after application, and they’re basically perfect- only a tiny bit of tip wear. It started chipping in the second week, though I think it’s my fault…I smooshed my finger with a drawer, and I also have a tendency to pic at my nails.

Picture time!

My ring finger and pinky nails look magnetic-polish-y!

other hand(: my right hand never gets photographed.

In the above pictures, Smokin’ Diva looks really gold, but I assure you, it’s actually quite silver on many occasions.

Okay, fine, dark platinum. But it's still silver-ish.

In conclusion…I LOVE IT! 🙂 If you can find it, I’d recommend it. 😀

NOTW Numero Dos+Review: Essie My Way

Well…let’s just say I do not like pink. This is quite a well known fact by now, but I just wanted to reiterate. So when my friend R* got me Essie’s My Way a while back, I was not looking forward to swatching it. (Click here for the post with the pics of the bottle.)

I did it this week, though, because she said it was a one-coat, dry-fast, sheer polish, and I really didn’t have time to do more than one coat since I had school the day after.

When I put it on, it wasn’t the baby pink it was in the bottle (THANK GOD!) Instead, it went on as a your-nail-color-but-better shade, and the formula was wonderful. It went on smooth, wasn’t too thick or too thin, made no bubbles, and dried in literally NO time. Basically, I loved it! I know in the pictures it looks like clear polish, but lemme tell you…my nails were SUPER stained from constantly putting on polish without breaks, and this polish made my nails look shiny and the color nails should look. So I’m quite happy with it. 🙂

This first pic is from the day I painted it(: As you can see, it’s suuuuper shiny and awesome.

Day 1(: And it's from my Instagram(:

The next few pictures are from over a week later. (They were painted on Sunday, 3/11, and these pics are from Tuesday, 3/20.) They are, as of now, less shiny (though still shiny, no doubt), and grown out a lot. The best thing was, though…NO CHIPS AND BARELY ANY TIP WEAR. My nails look almost perfect still! I swear, even boys will be like “WHOA!” My friend K* and I were hanging out on Saturday (3/17) and he was all “Your nails are, like, really shiny.” I was cracking up(: Ah, boys. Don’t they know what nail polish is? Girls don’t naturally have colorful nails, brah.

Other hand(: Right hand photo op, LOL. 😀 My fingers look hella weird, don't mind them.

Ignore what it says on my hand, it doesn't affect anything...
But it says "Scream me a love song" if you're wondering.


 The UD Experiment: Part 2. Be excited.

This time, I decided to test out the wear of “Zero” which is Urban Decay’s, according to Sephora, “black”. That’s it, just black- nothing special. It’s not glittery or super-dooper black. Just, you know. Regular, old, one-word black. So here we go!

I took a picture right after I put it on! Here it is(:

I took that pic right after I put it on. As you can see, it’s pretty opaque, and definitely black. It’s not as black as some eyeliners I’ve seen, but it’s pretty up there. It went on creamy and smoothly (none of that awful back-and-forth drag that’s slightly painful) and it set pretty quickly which was wonderful. It didn’t set so quickly that I couldn’t smudge it if I wanted to, but it did set(:

Woahh, my hand looks red.

This next picture (above) was taken 3 hours after the first picture. It has clearly faded a LOT, but it’s still there. It sank into the wrinkles of my hand, but a lot of it had rubbed off already.

It's a different sweater from the first pic, I swear.

This is the last pic I took. It is 19 hours after application. It’s still there, though even more faded, and it settled into my hand’s wrinkles even more. It’s hanging in there!

So here’s the overview: it’s black, but not the most pigmented black I’ve ever seen (UD’s Perversion is a lot blacker), it’s smooth and creamy(:, it wears for good while (not the longest wear ever, but it’s good), and it did stay on my hand for the advertised 24 hours. 🙂 It’s a good eyeliner, but I’m still on the search for the perfect black.




Oh, hi. Yeah, I’m just gonna talk about my life because I’m egotistical like that. Enjoy! And please tell me about your guys’s life as well(: It’ll be a pow-wow of fun.

Life as I know it.

I’m just going to blurt out a bunch of random things that are going on in my life right now. They might be completely unrelated, so just bear with me.

  • Don’t you just love it when a new kid comes to school and all the girls lose the ability to think straight because “HE’S SOOOO CUTE!!!”?
  • Woooo, math competitions and music tests! Hurray. Not really.
  • I don’t do math homework, and therefore just get a bunch of zeroes. Wahoo.
  • Supposed to be doing homework now, but that’s not happening.
  • New kid making fun of my music taste when he likes Eminem. Who everyone agrees (at least at my school) is the worst rapper ever.
  • Watching videos on YouTube. 🙂 Laughing out loud so hard that you choke. Family thinks you’re insane. (What is my life about?)
  • Listening to Bullet for My Valentine because the band’s name reminds you of My Chemical Romance.
  • Writing stuff on your hands with pen and washing it off before your parents can see. Your friend tells you you’re going to die from ink poisoning.
  • Drawing a heart with eyeliner on your hand for a blog post. ♥
  • Getting ready for the Scholar Quiz tournament at my school(: Ju’s not on my team. 😦 But that’s okay! Good luck to us both, hopefully.
  • Wishing unicorns were real.
  • Instagram-ing a bunch on one day and forgetting for the rest of the week. Sorry, followers. xP
  • Getting my report card and freaking out because I got an A+ in a class I thought I got a B in. 😀

And, last but not least, the most important thing…like, ever.

I GOT MY WISDOM TEETH OUT ON 3/23/12! So I’ve been feeling really crappy this weekend, and that’s the reason for this late post.
I’ve also been forbidden from painting my nails for a week (basically until next Friday) because of the fumes and nausea issues, but I’ll get back to swatching as soon as I can. 🙂 Thanks for all the support, Cece and Ju(: ♥

Also, the reason for the name of this post. Don’t you ever wish things were the way they were? Like when we were kids, and no matter what you were, you were cute? You could say anything and you’d still be “adorable”. *Sigh*.

That’s all I can think of for now! Yeah(: I hope you guys don’t mind me just talking about my life. 😀 Tell me if you do. I’ll stop.



Avery of InkTrack officially withdrew from the contest in the last challenge. She said “I don’t stand a chance with DIY against those other girls. They’re all amazing bloggers and I’m just an author.”

So…we only had to eliminate 1 other person!

I’m sorry, but…this week’s eliminated contestant was…Lauren of Life in Couture.

The picture you post on your blog (the panda one) wasn’t yours, which is plagiarism and a bit of a false lead. It made us think that that was the way our lips would look. You should have post your own pics on your blog. Also, the pics you sent to our emails had comments that said things along the lines of “I didn’t like the crab turnout”. If you didn’t like your own turnout, how do you expect us to want to recreate it?

Cece, your tutorial was AMAZING. I loved, loved, LOVED the polish rehab idea. Totally going to do that! The pictures were gorgeous, too. I’m making over my room soon and I have a feeling I might do these jars(:

Randy…your duct tape pencil case was fabulous! I paid my classmate to make a duct tape wallet last year and I loved it, and I’ve been curious to learn how to do those ever since(: Basically, you did what I asked for in my last post and dazzled us!

So here are the scores: 0/50 for Avery (she withdrew), 10/50 for plagiarism of 1 picture as well as lack of originality (you even said that it was your friend’s idea), 40/50 for Randy (it wasn’t that original of an idea, there were a bunch of tutorials online already, but it was well-written and everything else we asked for) and 50/50 for Cece. It was well-written, your rehab idea was SUPER original, easy to understand, had beautiful pics, and Ju and I recreated it with no problem! 🙂

The next challenge is for Cece and Randy only, and will decide our final victor and the receiver of our grand prize.

Further details will be on the Contest! page, and, remember, just like last time, to…



doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

I, sadly, didn’t find any pictures this week that were exceedingly funny, but I did find a video. 🙂 Des and Nate are awesome and hilarious and I love them and their epic hair and piercings. They’re also a bit nerdy, and I have a thing for funny, good-looking, nerd-gamers(: (See dansisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and crabstickz.)

I honestly can’t remember if there’s cussing in this video (I was laughing too hard LOL), so forgive me if there is.


That’s all for today’s meal, folks!
Thanks for reading!
Please comment and/or like if you think it’s worthy!

ex oh ex oh, less than three,




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JujuJabbers: rehab.

hello jujubes,

First off, I would like to remind you guys that challenge 3 is officially over and judged!  If you didn’t get yours in, I’m sorry, but me and Janine aren’t making any exceptions this time.  Read this whole post and at the end I will have more contest information.

I would also like to thank you all for 40+ subscribers.  I don’t know what I would do without this blog.  Actually, I do know; I would be moping around my house.

Also, I would like to let you guys know we have updated all our pages, so please check them out and comment (:


I have a lot of nail polish related sections.  I know, I have a problem.  Rehab probably wouldn’t help though, hence the title.  But I’m happy with my problem, I’m perfectly fine (: I think…

Paradise ~ Coldplay

Verse: mypolishobsession: The More the Merrier

Refrain: Field Trip! – a look into my [boring] life

Chorus: Spring Nail Polish Picks

Verse Numero 2: Into the Smoky Twilight: a Tutorial

Bridge: Shmehs of the Day


When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
So she ran away in her sleep
Dreamed of para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Every time she closed her eyes
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh
When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But it flew away from her reach
And the bullets catch in her teeth

mypolishobsession: The More the Merrier

Review Number One: 

Ok, so last time I did an NOTD on this, and now I’m going to do a follow up review!

Essie First Dance + OPI Pros and Bronze:

For starters, lets start with how GORGEOUS these two look together? It’s like fire!  So gorgeous.

Ok, so, for First Dance.  Where do I begin? Oh yes, let’s start with the formula.  All I can say for that is AMAZING.  I could have just past with one coat, but I used a second coat to give it more, how do I say this, thickness on the nail?  Since the formula is opaque and thin, and I didn’t wear a base coat, I needed two coats to hide the imperfections on my nail.  Now for Pros and Bronze. The formula was pretty sheer, which is the reason I layered it over First Dance.  It is so freaking pretty though!  It adds this layer of golden and red small and medium microglitter that just makes any polish look amazing.  It took First Dance, a very classic, somewhat boring red, from blah to tahdah!

For wear, since I didn’t wear a base coat, it chipped quickly, as shown here:

5 days later, no top coat

This polish combo still does not repel me, however, because my nails seem to attract the chips, and 5 days is a really long time for my nails to stay chip-free.

Overall, I would really recommend trying OPI Pros and Bronze because it is so unique, and it really easy to find a cheaper drugstore red polish than a red orange and gold microglitter polish.


Life goes on
It gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear, a waterfall
In the night, the stormy night
She closed her eyes
In the night, the stormy night
Away she’d fly.

Field Trip! – a look into my [boring] life:

So a few weeks ago we had a field trip for Chinese, and we went to this museum, and then to Chinatown!  Here are a few of the things we did:

The little clay warrior I made! I'm so asian

I really have no idea why this was in Chinatown, but yeah (:

I'm sexy and I know it.

My fortune

Me and J*'s rice village (:


Yeah, I didn’t take many pictures, and I mostly forget what happened, so this is a short section, but I just wanted to share these photos with you (:


And dreamed of para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh
She dreamed of para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh.

Spring Nail Polish Picks:


So, as you know, its March, which means it is not only spring, but my birthday is coming up near the end of the month.  Birthday post soon! (:

But it also means that its time to get out of your dark nail polish rut (even though I probably will still rock some navy blue and dark purple) and aim for the pastel and and not-so-vampy colors.

One big happy family

Let’s start with Essie!
Essie is known for their special pastel and spring time cremes, which is why they are getting their own category.  Leggo.

Essie Turquoise and Caicos

Sorry for orange-y lighting I forgot to change the white balance setting for this polish

Essie Turquoise and Caicos.  One of Essie’s cult favorites, its a perfect Tiffany box blue color, and it is perfect for spring!  The formula is a little streaky in the first coat, but after two coats it evens out to a nice shiny creme finish.  It also looks great on the toes as well (:

Spaghetti Straps is a really simple sheer, light baby pink that’s perfect for french manicures.  One coat will add a milky pink shine to you nails, and two coats will opaque coverage.  Its a very versatile polish and is amazing for lazy week nails when you don’t want nail polish to be too noticeable.

This  next polish, Lion Around from Essie, is again a pink color, but it really nice gold micro-shimmer that sets it apart from the rest.  Its a little warmer that Spaghetti Straps which makes it better for the warmer skin tone ladies (think Janine, tan), and it still looks good on the neutral skin people (me, pale but asian).  This is opaque in one coat but two coats evens out any ridges you may have.

Essie Da Bush is a creamy sage green that is very appropriate for the spring.  It dries to a shiny cream finish even without top coat, and the formula was pretty good!  The first coat was a little streaky but the second coat leveled everything out and it looked as if nothing streaky had ever happened!

2 coats of Lion Around, 2 coats of Da Bush, 3 coats of Spaghetti Straps, 2 coats of Turquoise and Caicos

Now going on to Sally Hansen…

 This first color from Sally Hansen is called Mint Sorbet, and its just a classic mint green color.  It would probably look extremely odd on warm skin tones, so tan chica’s beware!   Even on me it looks…how do I say this, chalky looking?  But for cool skin toned girls it would look amazing!  The formula is great, its opaque in two coats and the consistency isn’t too thick or thin.

Next up, we have Fuchsia Power, again from their Xtreme Wear line.  This color is amazing, sorry Janine [she hates pink].  It makes me look tan!  Tan!  Fuchsia Power is great for fingers and toes [actually its on my toes now with Nails Inc. Fitzroy Square layered over it].  The formula is also amazing, its completely opaque in one coat and can stay chip free for 4-5 days, which is amazing for me!

Now for Green With Envy, other green polishes should be jealous and envious of this polish.  Not only is it an awesome light green polish on the edge of neon, it also has an awesome formula!  One coat is opaque, but two coats evens out ridges and imperfections.  It also dries to a nice shiny creme finish even without top coat, which is always nice.

Sunkissed.  I really want to like this polish on me because it is a nice color, but orange just does not sit well with my skin!  It makes me look pink and I do NOT like that look on me haha.  The formula is also good like the others, opaque in 2 coats and has a shiny creme finish.

Here’s all of them swatched:

2 coats of each polish

OPI Rumples Wiggin’.  Well, where do I begin? Let me first start off with the fact this looks WHACK against my skin tone.  Now that we have that out of the way, I warn all warm skin tone girles to venture away!  This is not the polish for you, there are plenty more fish in the see!  The formula on this was OK, it was opaque in 3 coats, just average, especially for OPI.

Holiday Splendor from ColorClub.  You don’t even now how excited I was to see this at the store.  When PolishaHolic did a review on this polish, my face was literally like this :O.  Its just a gorgeous teal-green jelly packed with tons of holographic glitter.  I’ve done a review on this before, so check out that post here

Rage.  Oh my gosh guys, you don’t know how much of an obsession I have with this color.  Its a gold I can actually pull off! [technically its a rose gold, but we don’t need to get all technical].  Pretty much, its a rosy gold microglitter, and honestly, I do not know why I love this color.  I mean, the concept is so simple.  My fascination with it is quite odd.  In addition, the formula is great, opaque in 1 coat, even on the nail in 2.  Amazing polish, definitely a must buy.

Them swatcharooed:

A big trend this spring is also layering a chunky holographic glitter over your creme manicures, so I layered OPI’s Servin’ Up Sparkle on top of all these:

Essie Manicure:

Sally Hansen Manicure:

Misc. Manicure:

1 coat over Rumple's Wiggin' and Rage

Oh, and here’s a little manicure I did recently!  I used 2 polishes mentioned:

Essie Da Bush with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Silver and OPI Servin' Up Sparkle over the silver

That’s my spring picks for 2012.  As a little disclaimer, these are just my picks and you don’t have to wear these, its just my opinion.

Verse Numero 2:

So lying underneath those stormy skies.
She said oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.
I know the sun must set to rise.

Into the Smoky Twilight: A Tutorial:

So, I finally come back with the long awaited makeup tutorial.  I think my last tutorial was my first post on this blog!  Whoa, I’m pretty late.


Step 1: Apply a skin tone primer/base to even out the skin tone of your lids.  I used Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Step 2: Using a sparkling charcoal liner, thickly line your upper lash line and smudge it out quickly before it sets.  I used e.l.f. Shimmer Eyeliner in Gunmetal and Sephora Double ended Smokey Eye brush (Sponge Side)

Step 3: Place a sparkling dark brown eyeshadow right over the base of your lid where you applied the eyeliner.  I used the darkest shade from the NARS Cordura Eyeshadow Duo with an e.l.f Studio Eye Contour Brush. Blend the the eyeshadow up to your crease to create a gradient affect.

Step 4: Apply a shimmery white eyeliner or eyeshadow to your inner corner to brighten your eyes.  I used NYX Slim Eye Pencil in White Lucent

Step 5: Curl you lashes and apply black mascara.  I used my Dior DiorShow Extase Mascara and my mom’s Shiseido Lash Curler

Step 6: For cheeks, use a cheek stain to give your cheeks natural color.  I used theBalm the Stainiac.

Step 7: Highlight your cheekbones, nose bridge, cupids bow, and forehead with you favorite powder highlighter.  I used Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Translucent Powder

Step 8: Finish off the look with a nude tinted lip balm or lipstick.  I resorted to the Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee

Good Luck!


This could be para- para- paradise
Para- para- paradise
Could be para- para- paradise
Whoa-oh-oh oh-oooh oh-oh-oh.
Oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo
Oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo
Shmehs of the Day:
So, section consists of random things I’ve encoutered during the week.
Apps I’m Loving:
JetPack Joyride
Temple Run
Things I’m Loving:
Chips and Salsa
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Things I want:
Naked 2 Palette
MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow
MAC 239 flat shader brush
I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  See you next time (:

love, julianna


Ok, so, the winner of the last challenge was….*drumroll* CECE!  Go follow here here.  Her makeover was what me and Janine would like to describe as “brilliant” and “akfkahfsd” worthy.  Runner ups were Lauren and Randy at a close second

The next challenge will be listed on the Contest page ASAP.


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Hey, you guys. Sorry, I know I’m late again.
But I’m a HUGE procrastinator. Yeah, blame it on that.
Or on my ridiculous spazzy iPhone that just does NOT want to send pictures to my computer.
Or on the fact that some of my relatives just immigrated over, and have taken over my computer. (This post is being done on my parents’.) 

Also, I know I promised part 2 of the UD Experiment, but my house was tented for termites over the weekend, and we had to pack everything up. And now I can’t find the eyeliners I was gonna swatch, so…yeah. Sorry. I’ll try to find it and post on it next time! 😀

Anyway, this post is called “anti” because I celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day! (Or Single’s Awareness Day, as some call it.)
SOOOOO…to all you single/anti-Valentine’s-Day girls and boys who are reading this…

so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: Nails, nails, and more nails.
DESSERT: Birthday+Contest.
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



Well…this is awkward. I have a MASSIVE post for you guys today, so I’m just going to put one song on here today! Soo…just a few songs of the week. (Obviously, they’re all My Chemical Romance.) I have one song for every week I haven’t posted…Here we go!

Yeah, that’s it! I love all these songs to death, so it’d be awesome if you’d give these a listen! 🙂



Nails, nails, and more nails.

Today, there are going to be a NOTW, a nail polish experiment-swatch-thing that I did at Ju’s house out of boredom, and, yet, another haul. DISCLAIMER: Once again, I’m not bragging. I’m adding a poll to see which polish you guys would like to see swatched next. Some are from my last post’s haul, which you can see here.

NOTW+Review- Essie: Shine of the Times

Well, as Essie’s Shine of the Times was quite a big deal- it was the one of the first in the onslaught of flakies! It was part of the “LuxEffects” collection, and it’s a gorgeous opalescent flakie glitter in a clear base

In the bottle, it flashed LITERALLY ALL the colors of the rainbow, but on, you could really only see shades yellow, orange, red, and green, which was disappointing. I’m going to give it a go again and put it over black, another time, to see if the purple and blue will shine through, then.

Since I wore it without base coat (no top coat either), it was a pain to remove, so I would definitely go that extra step. It wore really well, and it stayed on with barely any chips for over a week. It did do this really weird thing where the corners of the polish, around my cuticle would lift up, though, so top coat would probably be a good idea.

Picture time! All these pictures are from about a week after application.

Here, you can see how the polish is lifting off my nail in the bottom right corner. D:

I actually do have the polish on, you just can't see it! 😛

Look at the purple and blue! 🙂

It’s so pretty! I definitely recommend this if you guys don’t have it or want to try a flakie polish! 🙂

The Massive Nail Polish Experiment-Swatcharoo-Thing.

I went over to Ju’s house a couple of weeks ago, and she had a bunch of nail polish lying around, and I was bored…
…so we swatched a ton of them.

Here’s the whole lineup. From left to right- Sinful Colors: Black Crackle, OPI: Pros and Bronze, Sinful Colors: Let Me Go, Etude: Nail Roll Roll GR601, Estee Lauder: Frozen Fantasy, Wet ‘n’ Wild: Party of 5 Glitters, Color Club: Holiday Splendor, and Sally Hansen: Crackle Overcoat Snow Blast.

In the above picture, we have, from left to right- 1 coat of Sinful Colors: Let Me Go, 4 coats of Etude: Nail Roll Roll GR601, 2 coats of Estee Lauder: Frozen Fantasy, 3 coats of Wet ‘n’ Wild: Party of 5 Glitters, and 1 coat of Color Club: Holiday Splendor.

I am IN LOVE with Estee Lauder’s Frozen Fantasy (the one on my middle finger), but, sadly, I don’t think I can pull it off. Maybe a bit too cool-toned? It’s a frosted nude. Tell me if you think I can in the poll! 🙂

Here are some more pictures(: I think having OPI’s Pros and Bronze on top of it makes it look better on me(:

Argh, I love it! It's so pretty, but I don't think it's for me 😦

Frozen Fantasy with OPI Pros and Bronze over it on my middle finger, and Holiday Splendor with Black Crackle over it on my pinky.

Estee Lauder with OPI Pros and Bronze on top in the sun(: SO pretty(:

LOL Ju's hand(:

Sinful Colors’ Black Crackle…the horror. It’s SO AWFUL. Look above…does that look at all like the crackle on the tag? If you’re looking for a good, cheap crackle, this is NOT the one you want! (I’m also SO over crackle now, it’s gotten old. Take a look here for other In’s and Out’s.)

Another rant… Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Party of 5 Glitters. On the picture above the one above (so 2 up) you can see how sparse it is and how it’s pooling at the edge of my nail. That’s 3 coats! And every coat I added, it dissolved the one below, so it just turned liquid again. It wouldn’t even be good for layering. DO NOT BUY THIS!

Oh, guess what? I have ANOTHER rant- Etude’s Nail Roll Roll GR601. It took 4 coats to get it opaque, and you could still see brush strokes. It was also an awful, frosty blue color (eughh.) and it took forever to dry. I think it’s a pretty rare brand, so you probably won’t ever come across this, but if you do… DON’T BUY IT.

Now, for Sally Hansen’s Crackle Overcoat Snow Blast.

It crackled pretty well for a drugstore polish, and it’s relatively inexpensive, so this I would recommend. I’m not a fan of white nail polish, though, it can sometimes look like white-out.

Sinful Color’s Let Me Go was also really pretty, though it’s super sheer. It’s a duo-chrome, shimmery purple-to-green, and I like it a lot. It’s definitely for layering, though.

I also love Color Club’s Holiday Splendor (Ju reviewed it before) and it’s definitely one I’m going to wear the next holiday season! 🙂

I Freakin’ Love Presents. [Another Polish Haul, Yes.]

As you guys know, it was my birthday recently, and I got presents! NAIL POLISH, WAHOO! 🙂 My good friend R*, who also got me a ton of Essie polishes (you can see the ones she got me here) got me…A DEBORAH LIPPMAN NAIL POLISH SET! 🙂 It’s a set of 3 mini glitters (sorry, I forgot the names), and they’re all super pretty! (Though I’m not in love with the pink…) Here are some pictures! The packaging was super cute and silver, and there were little dividers to keep the polishes apart.

Charcoal and holo glitter~! ❤

The box with the lid(:

I love her to pieces for getting me this(: ♥

My other friend, my BFFL J* (not Ju, but Ju did get me an epic present, too), got me Nicole by OPI’s Nicole…Spotted! which I’ve been wanting literally FOREVER (it was even on my wish list on here, click here to see), and it’s gorgeous! It’s a teal jelly with red-orange-yellow-lime and teal-blue-indigo-purple, color-changing glitter.

I love it and I love her(:

Now for the poll…which nail polish would you like seen swatched next? Click here to see some of the polishes- they were in the haul on my last post.

If a glitter wins, I’ll put it over the highest-voted opaque color(: PLEASE VOTE! Thanks! 🙂




Well…I was going to talk about my life, because, you know, I’m a massive narcissist, and that’s what I do. But, since this post is already MASSIVELY LONG, I figured I’d just do that next time and stick with talking about the contest and last post’s birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes! 😀

First, I’d like to thank you all! You guys helped me achieve almost all of my birthday wishes, which was awesome of you all! You guys get ∞ ♥’s! (If it’s crossed out, we achieved it! All these stats are from 5:02 PM on March 2, 2012.)

3,500 views on P&P– 4,176, OMG, that’s, like, 600 extra! 😀 350 comments– 373, actually. Our readers are such over-achievers, always going beyond expectations. 😉 40 blog followers–  We got 42! YAY! 🙂 150 views on my Alicia blog– 226, thanks! 25 comments on my Alicia blog– Ohhh, 31! Comments make me happy! 😀 10 blog followers- Well, we didn’t reach that, but 9 is plenty!



Okay, so this is KIND OF REALLY IMPORTANT if you’re in the contest!

In case you didn’t understand, the challenge is ALWAYS due the next week!

So, that means that this challenge is due March 10, 2012! If you need extra time, email us, and we will extend it an extra week (March 17th).

Got it guys? Good.

The last challenge was to make us a list of 5 videos or YouTubers that you thought Ju and I would enjoy.

Ari and Jill are eliminated, sorry, guys! Ari didn’t send a playlist, and Jill was wayyyy late.

To the remaining contestants: GOOD LUCK! You guys now have a one out of 6 chance of winning!

This week’s challenge is…TO MAKE A BLOG MAKEOVER FOR US, PRETTIED & POLISHED! You must make a header and find a matching background.

A requirement: the title must either include the words “Prettied and Polished” (& or + symbol may be substituted for “and”), or “P&P”/”P+P”.



doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

On my last post, I asked you guys whether or not you wanted to have a video in this section, as well as my usual, (at least in my opinion) funny picture. 3 of you said yes, 3 said no, and 4 said you didn’t care…so I decided to do it! You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to…

And, now the picture… 🙂 You have to open it in a new tab and then zoom to see it clearly, sorry… but I love me some memes! 🙂



That’s all for today’s meal, folks!
Sorry that it’s late.

Thanks for reading!
Please comment and/or like if you think it’s worthy!

ex oh ex oh, less than three,



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JujuJabbers: Swatch Scars

Hello Jujubes!

First, I just wanted to acknowledge the fact I have just relapsed into a tumblr addiction.  Its not healthy.

Today I’m doing a jumbo post, as promised in my last post, which was very short and kind of sad…:P.  Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful week!  I sure didn’t…so much stuff happened, I’m so glad it’s the weekend and I get to sleep in,  not have finals, and have some alone time with just me and my computer!

So, this week I have some makeup to haul!  This will probably be more of a haul/review since I’ve had time to use the products and stuff.  So, without further ado, leggo! (:

∞~Ready to Go~∞

Verse: polishrant:  the speechless horror

Refrain: the contest results.

Chorus: drugstore swatcharoo!: feat. maybelline, e.l.f, and revlon

Bridge:  the -otd’s


You’ve got these little things
That you’ve been running from
You either love them or I guess you don’t
You’re such a pretty thing
To be running from anyone
A vision with nowhere to go

polishrant: a horror story

There once was a girl named Juju, who decided to paint her nails a pretty color named “Austentatious Turquoise” from OPI.  It was a mini polish, and because of her love of mini things, decided to try it because of its cute packaging even though she hadn’t heard the best reviews about it.  As she painted her nails, she noticed something horrid; low pigmentation. Very skeptical that OPI would make such a terribly thin and watery polish, she tried another coat to see if it would turn opaque.  Nothing.  Another coat maybe would help, she thought.  After five coats of horror, it looked presentable, though you could still see the nail line, and it had gotten unbearably goopy looking.  Not wanting to spend time removing it, and already being late for a dinner, she quickly put a coat of quick drying top coat on her left hand and rushed out the door.

I hope you guys enjoyed that little story segment.  Pretty clever, huh? Wait…no? Oh, ok….

the results:

day numero 1 left hand

  Sorries about the blurry pic, I’m still getting used to my new camera.  But this showed off the adorble mini bottle!  If you guys haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for mini things.  AND jumbo sized things, like giant pocky!  BTW, this is my hand with topcoat!

day numero 2 left hand

Day 2.  As you can see, there is major tip wear already, and some chipping on the thumb.  However, this is good compared to…

day numero 4 right hand

No words.  Speechless.  Three words for every nail polish junkie; DO NOT BUY!!  The reviews on the full bottle are the same as mine, so its not just the mini size.

This color, though gorgeous, is very dupable [it is just a teal color], and you can probably find a drugstore dupe that has a better formula.  Do not waste your 8 bucks on this.  Go and get another OPI, like “Grape…Set…Match!” or “Servin’ Up Sparkle”.  Its not worth it!!


So tell me right now
You think you’re ready for it
I wanna know
Why you got me going
So let’s go
We’ll take it out of here
I think I’m ready to leap
I’m ready to live

the contest results

So, I’m pretty much going to paraphrase what janine said in the post here.

The Scores:

Cindy: 0/60

Alexa: 24/60

Evon: 25/60

Rain: 25/60

Cece: 35/60

Jill: 40/60

Arielle: 40/60

Avery: 48/60

Randy: 50/60

Lauren: 58/60

The next challenge is to make a playlist of 5 youtube videos/ youtubers that you think we will like.  There is no need for title.  You can’t use anything from Janine’s last post or the Motion Picture Entertainment page.

Good Luck!


I’m ready to go
(Get me out of my mind
Get me out of my mind)
I’m ready to go
(Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh)

 drugstore haul/swatcharoo!: feat. maybelline, e.l.f, and revlon

first up to bat: Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum

I really like the formula; it is sheer, but it feels really nice on your skin, doesn’t make you feel greasy, and gives you a nice glowy flush.  Also, its super fun to play with; like playdough!

next up: e.l.f. blush and bronzing duo in blushed/bronzed

Personally, I think the blush is too sparkly.  However, I like the bronzer; it has a natural sheen and is pigmented.  Me likey 😀

here is our next special guest: TheBalm Time Balm

I LOVE this concealer; probably a HG (holy grail) product.  Its 10 hours of extra sleep in a pot, pretty much.  This goes on smoothly, doesn’t cake, and is super pigmented.  This is love  ♥

for our act of the night: Maybelline Volume Express One by One mascara

This is my second tube of this mascara, so I think that alone shows how much i like this mascara.  The formula isn’t too wet or too dry, and the wand is brilliant (:

and the last act to end the show: Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Plum

The Revlon Lip Butter; what can I say, I joined the band wagon.  All I can say is that it is totally worth the hype.  First off, I love the buttery consistency it has on my lips.  The color is also fabulous, it really is my lip color, but better [trust me, I hate that term], but it is truly amazing.


I think I’m ready I think
I know I’m ready I know
I think I’m ready I think
I know I’m ready I know
I think I’m ready I think
I know I’m ready I know
I think I’m ready I think

the -otd’s:


So right now, I’m currently wearing something that might be my new favorite nail combo/manicure.

You guys ready for the awesomeness?


Sorry for the crappy iSight quality

Its Essie’s First Dance [bright red jelly like creme] with OPI’s Pro’s and Bronze [gold, copper, and pink fleck glitter] on top.  MIND EXPLOSION.  I’m kind of in love with it.  AND, it been three days and I haven’t had a single chip, and no tip wear!  Even with no top coat.  I must say, I’m very impressed.


So, today’s app of the day is really mainstream.  Almost everyone knows what it is. Its called…


Oh, and I have relapsed into my addiction to tumblr.


Hope you guys enjoyed the post (: See you next time

With Love,



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THE STUFF OF SATURDAYS: happy birthday to me.


Look alive, sunshine.
109 in the sky, but the pigs won’t quit.
You’re here with me, Dr. Death Defying.

Just kidding! It’s Janine!
∞ points to you if you know where that’s from, though(:

Here it is, as promised, my next post. Albeit a tad late (sorry, blame the computer virus), and quite long, but I hope you all enjoy! A billion ♥’s to you all for being patient(:

Also, ahead of time…I’m sorry, I know this post is long. 2,036 words, but read it anyway! PLEASE! I’ll send you free…pencil sharpeners? Oh, I don’t know…xD

so let’s see whats in store for today.
APPETIZER: Music of the Week Day Week
ENTREE: So much stuff… [Nails+Haul+Birthday+UD Experiment+Contest]
DESSERT: My Unhealthy Obsession
DOGGIE BAG: Blurb of the Day



My Chemical Romance. 

I know what you’re thinking…what happened to that amazing organization and the breaking down into groups? Well, this week, I took a hike down the MCR trail.

I’ve known their music for a loooong time, as long as I’ve liked punk-pop-emo stuff. I just never really got into them, until now. Before, I was all, “Oh, My Chemical Romance. Yeah, I know them. They’re songs are…a’ight.” But now, if you ask me about them, I’ll probably squeal (which I never do), and yell “IT’S TIME TO DO IT NOW AND DO IT LOUD! KILLJOYS UNITE!” or something along those lines. Yes, I know I’m super embarrassing, jeez.

A list of my favorite MCR songs by album…

From Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Helena [I love this song SO SO SO much!], I’m Not Okay, The Ghost of You, Thank You for the Venom, and Cemetery Drive.

From The Black Parade: Dead!, Welcome to the Black Parade [Love this one too! ], I Don’t Love You [So sad, but so amazingly brilliant! ], Cancer [Also supremely sad, but an awesome song ], Teenagers, Disenchanted, and Famous Last Words [SO GOOD THAT MY BRAIN EXPLODED!].

From Danger Days: Na Na Na, Sing, and The Kids from Yesterday [All of these are such brilliant songs, I don’t even know what to say.] I haven’t really listened much to Danger Days yet, so forgive me, I don’t have much to say. Sorry! I’ll definitely update you all on my progress, though, LOL. The Glee cover of Sing murdered my ears, though. They completely butchered it. HATEHATEHATE it! No offense, Gleeks.

Another song I’ve been loving is “Face Down” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I’ve known this song for a long time, and was SO fantabulously excited when a contestant for our contest sent me this song on her playlist!

Thus concludes our weekly music-fest and appetizers. Let’s go on to our entree.



So much stuff…[Nails+Haul+Birthday+UD Experiment+Contest]

NOTW+Revlon Scandalous+Cherries in the Snow (Continued)

Nails of the Week…hm. Well, I actually haven’t painted my nails in 2 weeks, seeing as I just had to go ahead an break 2 of my nails again. Freaking awesome, considering I’m becoming somewhat known for doing music+nail posts!

I guess I’ll continue with reviewing some polishes from last week’s post. One thing I forgot to mention, while the other, I hadn’t experienced yet.

Remember Revlon Scandalous? That black-and-pink-glitter polish? [Click here if you don’t remember.] Most of my readers loved it, and even I liked it (rare, since pink is my least favorite color)! Well………

It was a byotch to take off. For reals. I got pink glitter EVERYWHERE (glitter was falling out off of me, and I didn’t even know it was there), and it took FOREVER to get off. The glitter caught on the cotton balls, and it was awful. 2 hours, an entire bag of cotton balls, a TON of nail polish remover, and a sink full of blackish-grey water and pink glitter later, it was off my nails.

Apparently, to take glitter polishes off, you’re actually supposed to do something with tin foil and acetone, but I couldn’t find the foil… -_- If you do, however, have locatable foil, you should definitely give this one a go!

As for Revlon Cherries in the Snow, that gorgeous red 1-coater jelly-creme (it’s a jelly in the first coat, but a creme if you add more) was also pretty bad during removal. It turned my fingers all red, and it stained my nails red! It looked like I’d dipped my fingers into blood and tried, unsuccessfully, to wipe it off. So, guys, be aware! It’s amazingly purty and has an awesome formula, but you might get serial-killer hands.

Thank you, Christmas! [Polish Haul]

More on nails! These polishes I got for Christmas from assorted people! [I got other stuff, too, but I want to show you a sneak peek of some polishes I’ll be swatching soon! Also, this haul is not to brag, like I said…sneak peek.]

First off, here are the polishes Ju got me! Sephora by OPI: I’m With Brad and Teal We Meet Again. I’m With Brad is a metallic blackened red, and Teal We Meet Again is a metallic blackened teal…Love them both!

Then there’s Pa A16, which my friend M* gave me. The pictures do NOT do this polish justice. In person, it’s a metallic gold with a hint of red micro-glitter in it as well. But, by far, the best part is…there are mini holographic flakies in it. I love flaky glitter, and this polish is amazing! (I know you totally can’t see the flakies, sorry!)

The last polishes are thanks to my friend, R*, who is AMAZING, and an even bigger nail junkie than I am! She gave me 6, yes SIX, Essie polishes, as well as the well-loved Seche Vite top-coat! The colors are Loophole (metallic silver), Russian Roulette (classic red creme), Jamaican Me Crazy (shimmery fuchsia- though I’ll probably never wear it since it’s pink), Borrowed and Blue (gorgeous baby blue creme), and My Way (light pink).

Just click the pics to enlarge them! Sorry, the last few pictures are from one of the next segments, ignore that for now! 

Birthday Wishes! 😀

In case you didn’t know, it’s my birthday month. I’m also an Aquarius, so obviously my birthday is around now (not telling the actual date in case of creepers…but click here to find out more about me!) I have a few wishes that can’t go on my wishlist though…(click here for Ju and I’s wishlist), so here we go!

3,500 views on P&P- as of 5:52, January 26, 2012, we only need 76 more views!
350 comments- as of the same time, we only need 18 more comments!
40 blog followers-  we only need 4 more!
150 views on my Alicia blog- I only need 38 more! (Click here to go to my RP blog!)
25 comments on my Alicia blog- I only need 5 more!
10 blog followers- I only need 3 more!

It’d be the best birthday present ever if you guys could help me out and make my wishes come true! xoxo(:

The…wait for it…Urban Decay Experiment.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the high-end makeup brand Urban Decay, and their famous eyeliner pencils. I’m also sure you’ve contemplated buying their stuff. Here I am, showing you the truth about Urban Decay liners, with swatches and pictures galore! (The colors I’m showing you are Ransom, an iridescent purple, and Mildew, a shimmery forest green.)

Here’s 2 layers of Ransom, and 1 layer of Mildew! Mind you, Ransom was freshly swatched, while Mildew had been on my hand overnight already (so it was on my hand for about 8 hours already!) Mildew is doing pretty good! It looks EXACTLY the same as when it was just swatched. If you wanted to wear this to school, it would definitely stay on. Sorry, I don’t have a just-swatched pic of Mildew.

The next picture is from 11 hours later. Ransom is now 11 hours old, and Mildew has been on there for 19 hours. NINETEEN. Amazing! Ransom’s holding up pretty well, but Mildew has clearly begun to fade.

This is 28 hours after the last picture. Both have faded (quite a bit), but considering this is close to/over 2 days later (45 hours for Ransom, 53 for Mildew), this is AMAZING. Definitely try these eyeliners!

This is 17 hours after the last picture. The eyeliner is almost completely gone (in person you can see a teensy bit of it clinging on), but it’s done for. Ransom has been on for 62 hours, and Mildew has been on for 70 hours. Impressive! 😀

Thus concludes the Urban Decay Experiment. Results: GO TRY IT OUT!
Next week, I’ll be testing out Urban Decay Binge, a shimmery midnight blue! 

Contest Information!

If you haven’t entered the contest, well…it’s too late now! All slots are full! (Jill entered, but not by comment…Oh, I don’t know, as Ju.) The contest is now closed. If you are entered…all your playlists are due on Saturday, January 28th! Please, please, please remember a title! It’s worth 10 points! And Ju and I really don’t want to have to chase you down to get the title!

The next challenge will be posted on Saturday, so wait for that! We’ll also eliminate someone, and their name will be crossed off the list of contestants! Good luck! There will be a section where we will post the scores of everyone’s playlists!

That’s all for the main course! Now we can go ahead and eat our desserts!


My Unhealthy Obsession

What is it, you may ask? No, what I’m talking about is not nail polish (though that is ONE of my obsessions…but that’s quite obvious). It’s YouTube. [Click the green underlined usernames/video names to go to the channels/videos! Or play the embedded videos, they’re all amazing, I promise!]

Not all of YouTube either…I’m particularly obsessed with funny British guys. Oh, dear God. I’ve known charlieissocoollike (and his roommate, nerimon, for a SUPER long time, but probably 6 or 7 months ago, I was watching “Coming Out (Charliebot)“, and he linked to a guy named crabstickz who was just as, if not more, brilliant, just with less subscribers, and I TOTALLY love him! Just recently, though, through crabstickz, I found AmazingPhil, who is, as his name says, AMAZING. But the previously listed aren’t even my biggest obsession yet.

danisnotonfire. Yep, the one with the fringe and the *gasp* tan. He’s hilarious [and sooooo nice to look at(;] so go check him out! He and AmazingPhil also have a collab channel: superamazingproject. PLEASE WATCH THE EMBEDDED VIDEOS! You don’t have to, but come on… they all have sexy British accents. 😛 Go subscribe to them if you like them!

Dan is the one on the left, with the brown hair(: I especially love the Titanic reenactment! 😀

This is possibly my all-time favorite danisnotonfire video! He’s so funny and fake-serious!(: And his hat…it’s AWESOME!!!!!

Dan’s on the very left, Phil’s in the Dr. Pepper shirt, Crabstickz (Chris) is on Phil’s other side, and PJ is on the right!

My two favorite AmazingPhil videos!

And, last but not least, my favorite Crabstickz videos!

His Owen Wilson accent…it’s so surreal… *_*

Part of the Bad Occupation series, but this is by far my favorite!

The best Crabstickz video EVER. EVERRR!!!!!!! Yeah…Chris looks good in black-and-white. 😉

Another amazing video! Just go check out his channel, all his videos are amazing. Same for Dan and Phil! PLEASE(:

Hope you enjoyed this segment of my favorite videos! I might start a section as part of “Blurb of the Day” with my favorite video of the week. [I’ll limit it to just one video, I promise.] Please vote on whether or not I should do this!

Please vote! 😀


doggie bag

Blurb of the Day

Going on with the YouTube addiction theme…today’s blurb is a video! This guy is awesome! I’ve been subbed to his channels for at least a year! He does make-up-related videos and other stuff, too. He’s always really funny, and its awesome! Here’s an example:

Hope you liked the vids! 😛 The link to his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ScottieSparkles

That’s all for today’s meal, folks!
Sorry that it’s a bit late. Stupid computer virus.
Thanks for reading!
Please comment and/or like if you think it’s worthy!
ex oh ex oh, less than three,



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Raves and Reviews, oh my!

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Hello Jujubes!

Today, I will be jam packed post to make up for my absence; I can explain.

So I was really in the mood to do a review for the past few weeks, but the thing is that my camera was experiencing something I have diagnosed as “Camera Coma”.  You see, this condition has symptoms include battery lasting 5 seconds, lens constantly moving back and forth, lens cover only removing half way, and quality of pictures downgrading. Some remedies include  a lot of banging on the table and turning on and off.  Finally, I gave up and decided to borrow my sister’s camera for this post.  Now, enough rambling for today, let’s get into this!

1. Review of theBalm and the Beautiful Palette

Why hello there Doraemo!

I got this palette about a month ago at my local TJ Maxx.  After digging and digging through all the crappy, gimicky items and shattered products, I found this baby, untouched and beautiful.  I looked at all the colors, and knew this palette was the one for me!  It has the perfect mix of neutrals, sultry, smokey and bright colors.  However, when I found out the price of this bad boy, I think I sprinted to the cash register.  I got this palette for twenty bucks.  And guess what it is the original price? Fifty.  Eh my gawd, the deal I got on this thing boggles my mind; I practically stole it.  

The Lip/Cheek Products:

The Drama Queen: This is a bright red coral with a cream finish. When blended into the cheeks it gives a very natural pink glow to the cheeks.

The Perfect Man: This is a magenta pink with silver sparkle.  Its not as creamy as The Drama Queen but when put on the lips it makes your teeth look really white

~Overall, the cheek/lip stains are very nice, but I don’t find they actually “stain” the lips~

The Evil Twin: As a pinky nude gloss, it’s nothing special, a very generic color

~Overall, the formula is nice; it isn’t sticky and feels slick on the lips~

The Eyeshadows:

(Just to let you guys know, I got some help from Temptalia for descriptions, but I did not copy word for word.  Just to point that out (:)

Oil Tycoon: I would describe this as a gold-gilded bronze with a hint of red undertone.  It has a very frosted finish but doesn’t have legit chunks of glitter.  It goes on like butter and has a super smooth texture that is super easy to work with.

The Estranged Mom: This is a beautiful deep olive green with a gold shimmer.  It’s not metallic, but not satin.  The texture is not as silky as Oil Tycoon, but just like MAC Veluxe Pearl and MAC Satin, Veluxe Pearl usually has better texture

The Southern Belle: This is a beautiful muddy medium blue with a silver sheen.  Application with this shadow is not the most pigmented but still build-able.

The Mother-In-Law: This is a deep grey toned blue with silver shimmer.  It has great application and is super silky to the touch.

The Supermodel: I would describe this as a muted copper, almost on the edging onto gold.  This has, in my opinion, the best texture of the palette, and goes on with almost no effort.

The Bad Boy: This is gorgeous dark brown with gold glitter.  The application of this eyeshadow was surprising because of the gold glitter.  Its not chunky at all and is very nicely pigmented

The Guy Who Died but Didn’t Really Die:  This is a grey-ish brown, but its not exactly a taupe.  It leans more grey in some lights but sometimes I find it more brown in other.  I love this color because it’s so unique, and I wear it whenever I need a neutral color in the crease.

The Mistress: This is a frosty gray that is borderline silver.  I would call it a gunmetal color, perfect for smokey eyes and such.  Texture is very buttery, synonymous with the textures of the other colors, and can be applied with ease

The Step Brother: I find this to be a muted forest green with a gold sheen.  It goes on smoothly, has amazing texture, and I did not trouble applying this.

The Coma Patient: This is a frosted lila shade with silver shimmer, and a touch of pink tones.  This had some issues with application; it didn’t apply smoothly and has some fallout.  Not very impressed with this shadow

The Neighbor: I would describe this as a pale yellow gold with gold shimmer.  It applies very nicely and, like almost every other shadow in this palette, has a silky, buttery texture.

The Stock Broker: This is your classic frosty white.  I find it not the best in application, however.  It’s a bit chalky, and its very, very, very frosty.

The Police Man: This is a bright sky blue with a frosted finish.  Its probably one of the brightest colors in the whole palette.  It’s very pigmented and has great texture!

The Brain Surgeon: This is a cool toned deep purple with silver sheen.  I find it goes on pretty sheer, but it applies nicely to the lids and has a smooth application.

The Basket Case: Out of all the shadows, this is probably one of my favorite shadows in the palette, as you can see in the dent.  It’s a frosted beige with a white shimmer and its just the perfect all over lid color for everyday.  It has a gorgeous buttery feel and applies very smoothly to the lids.

The Older Women: I would describe this as a pink toned champagne with a gold sheen.  It doesn’t have the nicest formula, its a bit patchy here and there, but I love the color so I ignore the little tidbits.

~Overall, the eyeshadows have very creamy, buttery formulas and the color payoff is respectable~

The Final Verdict: This palette is my life, and it I love the colors, so I would highly recommend it.  Just go, it’s a HG product for me, you won’t regret it!


Mushroom nails from Mario.  And yes Cutepolish on Youtube taught me this, and yes I failed. (:

3. Items of Interest

1. Chanel Peridot: I just feel it’s so unique that I wouldn’t mind spending $22 on a bottle.  Do you agree?

2. Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Palette: It has a great mix of neutrals and brights, and I’m interested.  Are you?

3. Steve Madden Firefly Boots: Super cute, rough around the edges look is my kind of style.  Will these fit?

4. Tiffany Charm Bracelet: It’s super expensive, but I have never had a fancy bracelet.  Is this the one I will splurge on?

5. Lush “Honey I Washed the Kids” Soap.  I heard its the most amazing smelling soap ever.  Will I buy it, even with its not-so-nice-for-soap price tag?

4. Musical Muses

1.Foster the People : Helena Beat, Houdini, Waste, I Would do Anything for You

2.Paramore : Playing God, Monster, Misery Business

3. Cobra Starship: Hot Mess, City is at War

4. OneRepublic: Secrets, Good Life, All This Time, Stop and Stare

5. All Time Low: Damned If I Do Ya, Break Your Little Heart, I Feel Like Dancing

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.  See you guys….next week hopefully.

Love, Juju




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Too Cool for School Cosmetics: A Review (transferred post)

Hello my fabulous lovelies,

Welcome to my new url, prettied and polished!  I am just transferring an old post from freshfabulous.  However, it would mean a lot if you commented and followed ❤

Today, I’m going to be doing a review on a few products that my cousin got for me when she went to South Korea.  I’ve had about 3 weeks to try them out and see how they work, and now I present to you!

Too Cool for School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF 37/PA++:

First off, I must say, he packaging is super cute! Very fun, very asian, definite plus for me!

When you twist off the cap, you get the BB Cream with an…interesting applicator.

First off, if you do not know what BB Cream is, it is a very popular alternative to foundation for women in Asia.  It was actually started in Germany, but mostly became popular when Asian Cosmetic Brands began to make it.  What BB (Blemish Balm) Cream is supposed to do is treat blemishes, anti-age, and protect your skin from sun damage while covering up unwanted imperfections.

This BB Cream, compared to my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, is very light in coverage.  It reminds me more a tinted moisturizer than a the Missha one, which resembles more of a foundation.  Unfortunately, it is light for my summer tanned skin, but hopefully it will math when my tan fades.  Overall, it blends very well, and a little bit goes a long distance on the face.

The applicator…its odd.  I would not reccomend applying it straight onto your face with the applicator because your skin’s natural oils could transfer on the applicator, and when you place it back into the container, bacteria could grow.  Not the most hygenic, if you ask me.  If you ask me, it’s just an inconvenience, not an issue.

On the top, there is a peek-a-boo lid with an eyeshadow primer, a highlighter, and a mirror.

The eyeshadow primer is AMAZING.  I’m in love.  It covers up all the veins and discoloration of my lids, makes my eyeshadows very vibrant, and prevents creasing like no other!  I think it’s magic

The highlighter is…eh.  In my opinion, there are a bit too many sparkles.  If they had put less, I would be happier with this product.  When used on the cheeks, it accentuates my pores, down the nose makes me look oily, and on the browbone is too much.  I mainly use it in the tear-duct.  Overall, the highlighter was a disappointment.

Final Verdict:

The BB Cream is very blendable but has light coverage, the eyeshadow primer is holy grail worthy, and the highlighter is too glittery.

Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angle Blusher:

The packaging is very similar to the first product; very cute and chic.  This one, however, I feel the packaging is a bit bulky for just a blush, while the BB Cream had 3 products, this only has one, and is 2/3 the size. Just a tad bulky, but still adorable!

As you can see, this blush is a very pretty baby pink shade.  It applies very sheerly, giving just a beautiful glow to the skin.  If you are looking for a good highlighter, I would totally recommend this, but as a blush, it’s not the most pigmented thing you will see, and it barely gives any color to the cheeks.

The applicator is SO adorable, but it is probably the reason the why the packaging is on the bigger side.  It applies the blush pretty well, but it isn’t the softest.  It’s all personal preference, but I would give it up for slimmer packaging if you ask me

Final Verdict: 

It is a very pretty blush.  The packaging is not my personal favorite, the applicator is eh, and pigmentation is almost non-existent, but it provides a nice glow to the skin.

Too Cool for School Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass Lip Plumper:

The packaging is also very cute, it has the same shiny black and red ribbon packaging like the last two products.  It is very compact and travel-sized, which is very convenient to pop into your purse.

This shade is a very nice, bright hot pink, and the pigmentation is not too sheer, but not too pigmented either.

As for the plumping factor, I can definitely feel it tingling my lips, even though i do not see a big difference in the “size” of my lips…ok that just sounded awkward. xD

Final Verdict:

The formula is smooth and not sticky, it has a tingling sensation on your lips, and has reasonable color pay-off.


Phew! Hope you guys enjoy this review <3.  Today, I present to you…THE BLOG OF THE WEEK.

Every week, I will mention a blog that I have been particularly liking that week (aka obsessing over).  This week, I have to give the award to *drumroll* *opens fancy gold envelope* POPPIES and PIROUETTES.  Their blog is amazing, Cindy and Jill are super cool, and they know their stuff! Go check them out ❤

Thanks for reading everyone, have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing day and week.

Love, Juju


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