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Too Cool for School Cosmetics: A Review (transferred post)

Hello my fabulous lovelies,

Welcome to my new url, prettied and polished!  I am just transferring an old post from freshfabulous.  However, it would mean a lot if you commented and followed ❤

Today, I’m going to be doing a review on a few products that my cousin got for me when she went to South Korea.  I’ve had about 3 weeks to try them out and see how they work, and now I present to you!

Too Cool for School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF 37/PA++:

First off, I must say, he packaging is super cute! Very fun, very asian, definite plus for me!

When you twist off the cap, you get the BB Cream with an…interesting applicator.

First off, if you do not know what BB Cream is, it is a very popular alternative to foundation for women in Asia.  It was actually started in Germany, but mostly became popular when Asian Cosmetic Brands began to make it.  What BB (Blemish Balm) Cream is supposed to do is treat blemishes, anti-age, and protect your skin from sun damage while covering up unwanted imperfections.

This BB Cream, compared to my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, is very light in coverage.  It reminds me more a tinted moisturizer than a the Missha one, which resembles more of a foundation.  Unfortunately, it is light for my summer tanned skin, but hopefully it will math when my tan fades.  Overall, it blends very well, and a little bit goes a long distance on the face.

The applicator…its odd.  I would not reccomend applying it straight onto your face with the applicator because your skin’s natural oils could transfer on the applicator, and when you place it back into the container, bacteria could grow.  Not the most hygenic, if you ask me.  If you ask me, it’s just an inconvenience, not an issue.

On the top, there is a peek-a-boo lid with an eyeshadow primer, a highlighter, and a mirror.

The eyeshadow primer is AMAZING.  I’m in love.  It covers up all the veins and discoloration of my lids, makes my eyeshadows very vibrant, and prevents creasing like no other!  I think it’s magic

The highlighter is…eh.  In my opinion, there are a bit too many sparkles.  If they had put less, I would be happier with this product.  When used on the cheeks, it accentuates my pores, down the nose makes me look oily, and on the browbone is too much.  I mainly use it in the tear-duct.  Overall, the highlighter was a disappointment.

Final Verdict:

The BB Cream is very blendable but has light coverage, the eyeshadow primer is holy grail worthy, and the highlighter is too glittery.

Too Cool For School Play Cheek Angle Blusher:

The packaging is very similar to the first product; very cute and chic.  This one, however, I feel the packaging is a bit bulky for just a blush, while the BB Cream had 3 products, this only has one, and is 2/3 the size. Just a tad bulky, but still adorable!

As you can see, this blush is a very pretty baby pink shade.  It applies very sheerly, giving just a beautiful glow to the skin.  If you are looking for a good highlighter, I would totally recommend this, but as a blush, it’s not the most pigmented thing you will see, and it barely gives any color to the cheeks.

The applicator is SO adorable, but it is probably the reason the why the packaging is on the bigger side.  It applies the blush pretty well, but it isn’t the softest.  It’s all personal preference, but I would give it up for slimmer packaging if you ask me

Final Verdict: 

It is a very pretty blush.  The packaging is not my personal favorite, the applicator is eh, and pigmentation is almost non-existent, but it provides a nice glow to the skin.

Too Cool for School Kiss Time Ice Beam Glass Lip Plumper:

The packaging is also very cute, it has the same shiny black and red ribbon packaging like the last two products.  It is very compact and travel-sized, which is very convenient to pop into your purse.

This shade is a very nice, bright hot pink, and the pigmentation is not too sheer, but not too pigmented either.

As for the plumping factor, I can definitely feel it tingling my lips, even though i do not see a big difference in the “size” of my lips…ok that just sounded awkward. xD

Final Verdict:

The formula is smooth and not sticky, it has a tingling sensation on your lips, and has reasonable color pay-off.


Phew! Hope you guys enjoy this review <3.  Today, I present to you…THE BLOG OF THE WEEK.

Every week, I will mention a blog that I have been particularly liking that week (aka obsessing over).  This week, I have to give the award to *drumroll* *opens fancy gold envelope* POPPIES and PIROUETTES.  Their blog is amazing, Cindy and Jill are super cool, and they know their stuff! Go check them out ❤

Thanks for reading everyone, have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing day and week.

Love, Juju



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