The Journey of P&P

So, you are new to WordPress.  You just came across this blog and thought, hey, a beauty blog!

This is not your average beauty blog though.  We broke the stereotype, sorry to break your little heart (s).

Here at P&P, we do something a little bit weird.  We mix real life and beauty, and keep it real.  No bragging, no fake hauls, no plagerism, all our own.  Cross our heart, hope to die.

We have a good mix of everything.  Videos if you are more visual.  Written blogposts it you like to read.  You will see things written about beauty, fashion, music, life, rants.

The pages, let’s explain those:

The ones with a heart and About Me pages.  Read those to know more about us.

Haute and Out is an In and Out page, showing you what we think is fashionable, and what we think is not.  This page is all opinion.  Don’t be offended.

Wanted is the monthly wishlist page, what we want!  Kind of self explanatory

The Key.  This is the trickier page.  Here is exclusive things, like photos, what we are truly thinking; like a diary.  Kind of a gossip-y part of the blog.  However, it’s locked.  You have to find the key, a clue in every post.  Be a detective, read our posts, ask questions, email us, and when we think you are worthy, you will know.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at P&P, and soak up all the joy.  But first, you must go back in time with us a little.

Late August:

AsianSoulSisters is born.  Juju’s first time on WordPress, and Evon’s first RL blog.  Together, Juju and Evon write in harmony, a mix of beauty posts from Ju and RL posts from Evon.  When school starts, a few weeks in, the blog loses viewers and commenters, and the blog close down.

Early September:

Juju starts FreshFabulous, a blog dedicated to beauty and nothing more.  AsianSoulSisters was still running at the time, and became a sole-RL blog for both Evon and Juju.  FreshFabulous is something new for Juju, still getting used to the community after immersing herself headfirst during the summer.  The blog, however, is waning and Juju wants a fresh start.

October 8, 2011:

Prettied and Polished is created.  The blog is a success.  Juju gains views, followers, and a lovely place to show her love of beauty and be a part of the lovely WP community of people.

October 10, 2011:

Juju discovers something extraordinary; plagiarism, something rarely seen on WP.  She tells Evon, not knowing what to do, and reports it.  Suddenly, she becomes a part of some WP drama.

November 6, 2011:

Juju invites Evon and Janine into the blog.  Blogging without her bestest friends was lonely, so she had to invite these to lovely chicas.  Evon, her friend from youtube, who, over the past year, had become her good friend that she could confide in during her darkest hours.  And Janine, her best friend since elementary school.  Janine and her had their rough patches, but overcame them and now share a love of beauty and fashion that they want to share with WordPress.  The Three Musketeers of Beauty are born.

November 9, 2011:

Juju post “The Three Musketeers!  Kinda…ish…sorta” which now has 45 comments and 177 views, the most views and comments a post has gotten in P&P history.

November 16, 2011:

P&P hits 20 subscribers and is close to 2,000 views.

January 4, 2012:

Evon is taken off the blog.  Tension is stirred, but P&P still lives on.

January 8, 2012:

Me and Janine launch a contest for our viewers!  We post a page, and get 10 contestants in reasonable time.


P&P hits 3,000 views!  Janine and I are very excited about this new milestone of the blog.

As of December 30, we have 270 comments, 65 spam comments, 2,340 views, 202 views on our busiest day, 79 subscribers [twitter followers+WP followers (32)], and 17 lovely posts, plus 6 [including this one] pages.

As of January 21, we have 319 comments, 111 spam comments, 3, 231 views, 225 views on our busiest day, 83 subscribers [twitter followers+ WP followers (35)], and 18 lovely posts, plus 8 [including this one] pages

As of March 10, we have 385 comments, 231 spam comments, 4,414 views, 252 views on our busiest day, 91 followers [twitter followers+ WP followers (41)], and 23 lovely posts, plus 8 [including this one] pages

We all want to thank WordPress for this wonderful year filled with fun, and our viewers for all the support and hope you have given us.

Forever and Always,


PS: [We will update this page every month if we have new pages, updating stats, etc.]


6 responses to “The Journey of P&P


  2. Lauren I.

    Lovely page!
    It was so very fun to travel back in time with P&P.
    You definitely have come far 🙂
    Also, with any luck, there won’t be much plagiarism left after W&H is done with it.
    Love you guys!


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