Check here for the monthly wishlist!  Items we don’t get that month are recycled to the next (unless we change our mind):

April 2012

Juju wants…

1. Dior Diorskin Nude Perfect Hydrating Concealer

2. Leather Bomber Jacket

3. Infiniti Scarf

4. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

5. Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment Set (Passion, Honey, Plum)

6. China Glaze The Hunger Games Collection

Janine wants…

1. Assorted Steampunk Jewelry…oh, yes. 😀

2. Dior Rock Coat, Perfecto, Blue Label, Underground, Nirvana, and Purple Revolution

3. Sephora by OPI Read My Palm, Caught With My Khakis Down, Break a Leg-Warmer, Opening Night, and Don’t Feed the Hand Models

4. Nails Inc. Fashion’s Night Out

5. Diana F+ CMYK, Gold or Mr. Pink

6. My Chemical Romance Tokyo Flash Watch

7. A Balmain-style leather jacket

8. Assorted band merch…too lazy type what stuff from what bands.


10 responses to “Wanted

  1. Mind if I copy this page? And ahgreed, I want the same. ♥

    -xoxo Cece ♥

    P.S. (number 13 is spelled wrong)

  2. This is pretty cool! Totes love the whole blog! So so you get this stuff from fellow bloggers or like you parents{ wondering 🙂 }
    Your blog seems really accomplished! I hope i get up there i just started lol
    check it out :
    Cheer Me On,

    • janine

      Thanks(: This is the list of stuff we want not stuff that we’re hauling- though we might make a haul page…we’ll see), and usually we save up to buy them, or get them as gifts. 😛 Which is always nice(;
      Checked out your blog(: It was cool! Sucks that you have to use your phone+school PC! If you ever need any help, just ask(: We’ll reply within 48 hours, pinky swear! (Ju is REALLY good at design, so ask her for questions about that.)

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  3. Lauren I.

    Great page!
    I deff. want an infinity scarf too 🙂
    Love you!


  4. Jill(:

    I want the naked 2 too! And janine, i think i have some of the sephora nail polishes that you listed and i have a DIana F+! I think its the aviator, i havent developed any film yet, i got it like last year and i havent put it togood use yet.. 😦 i’m thinkin of just buying the instant back to to it.

    • janine

      Ohhh, nice! I never get the chance to go buy the Sephora polishes. 😦 Whenever I go to Sephora, I always forget to buy them and just buy a ton of other stuff LOL
      Lucky! I really want the CMYK(: Are you entering the contest?

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

  5. Jill(:

    Agh. Cant reply to my comment so i’m just going to post another… And yeah, but theyre nail polishes are a little prciey, but i think i posted it on P&P but that obv. Got deleted, but i got that set thing for my bday! Was so excited about it to.. LOL. And yesss i am entering the contest 🙂 and also, are you gonna get the one? Get it with flash!! I want mine with flash so bad -_- but idk how it looks, i used up my first full roll but i’m sure almost all of it is ruined because i exposed it to light.. And i didnt know.. LOL

    • janine

      LOL it’s okay(: I have a few (Ju got me 2) and also the base coat, and they’re like $10 each! Which is more than OPI! -_- OMG YOU’RE SO LUCKY! I totally wanted the set but the bottles looked super small…
      Idk if I’m getting mine or not, let’s see what my parents say! LOL they MIGHT buy it for me, if not, I’ll have to save up. 😦 I’ll def get it w/ flash(:
      Haha, well, practice makes perfect. “Practice makes perfect sense to me.” ~Cute Is What We Aim For

      ex oh ex oh,
      less than three,

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